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  1. Introduction Some people use bots in order to gain a overall advantage, but some people including me use bots in order to make money in real life. This is called goldfarming. Goldfarming consists of botting multiple accounts and then selling the gold made from botting and or selling the botted accounts. If I forget anything in this guide please let me know I will update the guide and cite you as a source. Choosing A Computer When choosing a computer to dedicate to goldfarming it is important to make sure to make your own gaming computer rather than buying a pre made one. This will save you hundreds of dollars. In my personal experience I have a PC that I built myself with the following items. This build can run 30 bots no problem while overclocking it. The important thing to think about when choosing a build is a good motherboard, good RAM, and a good processor. The better these three are the more bots you will be able to run in order to goldfarm. Also if running more than 10 bots you might want to buy multiple monitors in order to keep your farm more organized and manageable. ASRock X79 Extreme6 Motherboard Intel Core i7 3930K G.Skill Ares F3-1600C10Q-32GAO 32GB (4x8GB) DDR3 Silverstone Strider Plus 750W ST75F-P NZXT Phantom USB 3.0 Case White Gigabyte Radeon HD7950 3GB Overclocked Acer V273HL 27in Widescreen LED Monitor x 3 Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse Corsair Vengeance K60 FPS Gaming Keyboard Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 LGA2011 CPU Cooler Total: $2463 + Windows Ultimate Choosing A Bot When choosing a bot to gold farm it is important to find a botting method that not many people know about so your accounts don't get banned. Managing The Farm Managing a goldfarm can be very tedious work. Especially if you plan to run more than 10 accounts. Make sure to check on your bots every few hours to make sure everything is running right. A way you can check this on the go is by downloading Team Viewer and connecting it to your phone so you can manage your bot farm anywhere you go. I Have Gold Now What? Now it's time to transfer all the gold onto a mule account. A account that you do not bot on. This account will keep all the gold until you sell it. You can sell gold from this account whenever you decide to. Finding A Seller When finding a seller to sell your gold/account(s) you need to make sure to find a mod or someone trusted in order to not get scammed so you can actually make a profit from your farm. Be very careful when people ask you to give them the gold/account(s) first. If you ever get scammed make sure to write a appeal on the dispute. My guide to avoid getting banned. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27173-guide-to-a-247-botter/
  2. Introduction Hello everyone I have personally been botting since 2010 back when rs2 was botable. Back then I did goldfarming running 24/7 and made approximately $300 a week. Now after a few months of botting on runescape 2007 I have decided to post my guide that I use to not get banned. I have yet to be banned on 30+ accounts running 24/7. If I am missing any tips please let me know I will include it in my guide and cite you as a source. Making A Account(s) The first step to successfully botting on runescape 2007 is making a username. It's important to seem as noobie as possible to not attract attention. Make sure you chose a name that is plain (ex: Joshh287). If you have a rare username it will attract attention then when you don't respond people will most likely report you. ​Appearance When you begin botting make sure you do not appear flashy. Wear decent armor so you seem like a noob so you don't stand out and have people asking you how you got your items. Never go for the oldschool level 3 Bob outfit this will get you called a bot in no time. Staying Undetected Never post the username of any account you bot on ANYWHERE. Posting your username will have people snooping on the highscores an will most likely get you banned . Bots This is the part than many people mess up on. Choosing a type of bot is crucial. Note that there is no such thing as "Ban Rate" the only ways Jagex can ban bots is relying on: Bot busters: Jagex mods that go around banning bots in popular botting area's. Reports: Players reporting bots. This leads to Jagex reviewing the reported account and if they see anything bot like they ban them. Randoms: The more randoms that you fail will catch Jagex's attention and lead to your account being monitored and then banned. With that being said make sure you only use Tribot as it almost never fails a random. Now when deciding witch bot to run on your account(s) make sure you do NOT use a heavily botted area as this will make it easy to get banned. Try and find a bot that not many legit people know is bottable. This way you will blend in with legit players better. Breaks Personally I believe using breaks on the bot client is pointless as it only reduces your profit per hour. With years of botting 24/7 I have yet to receive a ban. With that being said make sure to not use any breaks on the client. If you are really really worried then just stop botting every few days and play legit or run a different bot. Banned What Now? If you do end up getting banned somehow and receive a "goldfarming ban" then unplug your router for a few hours then plug it back in or buy a new router. If you get this type of ban Jagex will flag your ip and constantly monitor your account. If you get any other type of ban its okay just make another account and keep botting 24/7. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27186-guide-to-goldfarming/ My guide to goldfarming. I hope you enjoyed this guide. I am no way guaranteeing or promising that you will never get banned using this guide. I am only trying to help the community spread awareness to decrease the amounts of bans happening.
  3. Well lets see I have yet to make one of these so I felt like it is a good time to post this now. Let me know how im doing be 100% honest please.
  4. Do not buy from me. I am a chargebacker.
  5. Online and buying.
  6. Online & buying.
  7. None of my bots have failed any randoms for weeks. Lag on your end could be a cause of it.
  8. ABCL huh? Good job on the release !
  9. Me and couvy are settling this in a fight outside of McDonald in a hour
  10. Question answered.
  11. First of all do not make multiple threads about the same thing. What payment method did you use? Some payment methods could be pending for up to a day resulting in delay of your credits.
  12. What are your computer specs?
  13. So its a script fault? You would have to contact who ever made the script you are using.
  14. A public message may or may not be made later. Until then do not make threads about this.
  15. The chances of it being a J mod are relatively low.
  16. Thank you guys, but please do not spam the thread if he doesn't take care of it then I will.
  17. 4 feedback does not back up your "100% legitimacy". Please delete that part.
  18. You won't get unbanned. They said they don't read appeals that have anything to do with botting or getting hijacked.
  19. Sounds like a RAT yea. Best thing to do would be to reformat your computer since it wont come up in most anti virus programs.
  20. Online and buying.
  21. Please keep discussions about bans in the official ban thread. To answer your question you probably shouldn't bot on it since they are most likely keeping an eye on your account.
  22. talking to you on skype now
  23. Online & buying
  24. It's all part of the plan. Now we just wait.