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  1. Online and buying.
  2. Online & buying.
  3. None of my bots have failed any randoms for weeks. Lag on your end could be a cause of it.
  4. ABCL huh? Good job on the release !
  5. Me and couvy are settling this in a fight outside of McDonald in a hour
  6. Question answered.
  7. First of all do not make multiple threads about the same thing. What payment method did you use? Some payment methods could be pending for up to a day resulting in delay of your credits.
  8. What are your computer specs?
  9. So its a script fault? You would have to contact who ever made the script you are using.
  10. A public message may or may not be made later. Until then do not make threads about this.
  11. The chances of it being a J mod are relatively low.
  12. Thank you guys, but please do not spam the thread if he doesn't take care of it then I will.
  13. Closed upon request. Will be unlocked when Dashy asks me to unlock it.
  14. 4 feedback does not back up your "100% legitimacy". Please delete that part.
  15. You won't get unbanned. They said they don't read appeals that have anything to do with botting or getting hijacked.