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  1. Sekirei

    [ABCL10]KiWizz Tanner

    ABCL huh? Good job on the release !
  2. Well it was originally a red dragon script. He chose to make it into a lava dragon script after the update. Lava dragons are so much harder to kill than red dragons and since they just recently came out it is taking some updates so he can get it right. Please be patient. Also do not double post next time edit your post.
  3. That would be due to lack of using common sense as most of the phish links are almost the same every time.
  4. We are disabling posting of live links by registered users to protect users from phishing links. This means that regular registered users can post links, but they wont be clickable. Thus requiring copying and pasting the link to your browser. In order to post live links you must have at least one of the following: Donator Title VIP ~Tribot Staff
  5. ^^ This. The scripter is not required to add anything. You knew what you were paying for. Gh0stly stop insulting the scripter and stop arguing with users or I will simply add warning points to your account.
  6. Sekirei

    Yaw hide's Aviansies Killer

    Just to let you guys know the scripter is not required to update the script if he does not want to. Yaw hide if you would like to stop updating this script please let me know so I can move it to the outdated section.
  7. If I wasn't so bad at staking this would be so much higher.
  8. Sekirei

    Anyone Recommend best Merch bot?

    I've never had a problem with sigma merch.
  9. Sekirei

    Snowman Asker

    Ran for 20 hours. Please make premium
  10. Sekirei

    Don't Get It...

    It could of been because of the script you were using, the proxies themselves, or maybe the skill you were botting. There is so many factors. What kind of ban did your accounts receive?
  11. Sekirei

    **Guide To a 24/7 Botter **

    This guide is sort of outdated correct, but my new guide still contains some information from this one. I'm still debating if I should release the new version due to leachers.
  12. Sekirei

    $$Guide To GoldFarming$$

    It's my build. I never said "get this build" anywhere in my guide did I?
  13. Get proxys, but first you need VIP extended to use them.