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  1. your sister will problably be happy for you and her friend And it's normal, almost every guy that has sisters of the same has been in that situation. if you and your sister live together just don't steal your sister's friend every time she is around haha P.s- Good luck whit that
  2. @daxmagex it stoped, working 2 days ago i think, before that i just defined the area and if it was a normal area for example, cows in lumbringe and the bot started in GE it would walk to it 2 days ago... Now it just doesnt move , i need to walk him to the area .i tought that the webwalking was down or something :/ btw- P.S- the rest of it works, and until now i am loving your script!
  3. @daxmagex hey is it just me or the webwalking isn't working?
  4. Hey can anyone tell me what do i need to have in bank for this to start? i start the script and just stays in bank saying : " banking for supplies" i have my selected food in bank do i need any thing else?
  5. Hello i am new to scripting and just do it for a hobby, and i made a function that i tought that would work but just usses too much CPU that freezes the client. basicly i just whanted to make the function walk back a already made path. and if needed check the area of the player. if some one could tell me why this can't be ussed and what would be a better approach to it, i would appreciate it my code: public void walkback(RSTile[] path,RSArea area, boolean checkarea){ if(checkarea== false){ Walking.invertPath(Walking.randomizePath(path, 2, 2)); while(Player.isMoving()){ println("Player is moving"); sleep(750);} }else{ while(inArea(area)!=true && checkarea == true ){ println("walkBackTo"); RSTile[] back = Walking.randomizePath(path, 2, 2); Walking.invertPath(back); while(Player.isMoving()){ println("Player is moving"); sleep(750); } } } } public boolean inArea(RSArea a){ println("inArea()"); if(a!= null ){ if( a.contains(Player.getRSPlayer().getPosition())){ println("Yes it is in Area"+Player.getRSPlayer().getPosition()); return true; }else { println("Nop, it is not in Area"+Player.getRSPlayer().getPosition()); return false; }}else{ return false;} } Thanks ^^ Baal Zebub "The Lord Of The Flies"
  6. @Beg thaks for the help
  7. The script doesn't recognise the interface and gets stuck (happened more that once), and gets stuck clicking clicking the raw food in the inv to the fire. is this a problem whit LG? @Starfox [12:02:04] 0 [12:02:10] 0 [12:02:17] 0 [12:02:22] Random Stack Trace: [12:02:22] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [12:02:22] obf.vB.vd(qd:58) [12:02:22] org.tribot.api.General.sleep_definite(fs:49) [12:02:22] obf.dg.he(ym:518) [12:02:22] obf.dg.HF(ym:600) [12:02:22] obf.dg.run(ym:337) [12:02:22] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [12:02:23] 0 [12:02:24] Script Stack Trace: [12:02:24] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [12:02:24] obf.vB.vd(qd:58) [12:02:24] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(fs:153) [12:02:24] org.tribot.api2007.ChooseOption.select(ag:383) [12:02:24] org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.click(sl:638) [12:02:24] org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.click(sl:563) [12:02:24] org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject.click(sl:741) [12:02:24] scripts.cooker.b.g.L(MeatCooking.java:142) [12:02:24] scripts.starfox.scriptframework.d.z.L(JobManager.java:51) [12:02:24] scripts.cooker.SigmaCooker.C(SigmaCooker.java:57) [12:02:24] scripts.starfox.scriptframework.ScriptKit.run(ScriptKit.java:166) [12:02:24] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  8. well i have restarted my client. and on the repository the version was already updated but it hapened again and it has now pasted 10min and whit no change in the behavior :/
  9. And i know if i close the bank page, or if i just withdraw 28 lobs (in this case) it will work normaly for some random time and bugs out again..
  10. [16:58:19] Starting client. [16:59:25] Downloading script 'Sigma Cooker'. [16:59:29] Script Started: Sigma Cooker. [16:59:29] If the script is getting stuck using the meat with the cooker, please restart your client. [16:59:29] Your unique anti-ban seed: 0.8969234384982981[Baal Zebub] [16:59:42] 0 [16:59:45] 67 [16:59:47] Cached interface at: [307, 6] [17:00:59] 0 [17:01:02] 67 [17:02:17] 0 [17:02:20] 67 [17:03:34] 0 [17:03:38] 67 [17:04:51] 0 [17:04:53] 67 [17:06:08] 0 [17:06:11] 67 [17:07:27] 0 [17:07:30] 67 [17:08:44] 0 [17:08:47] 67 [17:10:02] 0 [17:10:05] 66 [17:11:23] 0 [17:11:26] 67 [17:12:40] 0 [17:12:44] 67 [17:13:59] 0 [17:14:03] 67 [17:30:14] Script Stack Trace: [17:30:14] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [17:30:14] obf.vB.vd(qd:58) [17:30:14] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(fs:50) [17:30:14] scripts.starfox.api.g.d(Client.java:82) [17:30:14] scripts.starfox.api.k.c(AntiBan.java:603) [17:30:14] scripts.cooker.SigmaCooker.F(SigmaCooker.java:59) [17:30:14] scripts.starfox.scriptframework.ScriptKit.run(ScriptKit.java:166) [17:30:14] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [17:30:49] Random Stack Trace: [17:30:49] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [17:30:49] obf.vB.vd(qd:58) [17:30:49] org.tribot.api.General.sleep_definite(fs:49) [17:30:49] obf.dg.he(ym:518) [17:30:49] obf.dg.HF(ym:600) [17:30:49] obf.dg.run(ym:337) [17:30:49] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  11. It happened again, and this time i am leting the script run to confirm that this isn't ABC2 problem.. i have start at 15:40 time running... and now it is 29:30 and counting whit no change in the behaviour , just stays there and sometimes right clicks a random item (ABC2) and turn the Camera around. if you need i have a Print of the client that i might seend you via PM or Skyppe.
  12. it didn't look like ABC2 but i could be wrong will test it and see how long it stays that way. for me it looked like a LG bug or something like that.. that made the bank scan freeze or laggs..
  13. the Script sometimes(often) opens the bank what when status is:Withdrawing Tuna(food) it does nothing just waits and does ABC2 stuff... i can simply correct this by just closing the bank or withdrawing the lobsters my self ... this might be a tribot problem (LG/update etc..) but if you add a General Time out to Withdrawing for when it gets stuck for too long (longer that ABC2) the script just closes the Bank windows and thats it.
  14. Hey @Starfox, i started ussing your script today and indeed it is a good script. but could you consider adding a failsafe for baaking plz i know that because of LG or probably because of any tribot error may be the cause of this bug and not the script it self. when i usse this script sometimes it gets stuck in "Whitdrawing Lobsters(or any food that i have tested this).. if could you make that withdrawing works whit a time out. for example if for the past 1min/2m ..... the inv is still whit the same number (0 in this case) that the script closes the bank window) and if the scripts does this for 3/4... times in a row whit out cooking anything just End the script. this bug just closing the window makes it restar and work like it normaly does withdrawing the items etc... i think that this isn't too much of a pain to make and would actually help to maintain the reliability of the script even when the client bugs ...
  15. Hey @Usa does LG works(good?) whit this script? and can anyone here give me some feedback about the ban rate in this script whit LG?
  16. @Aropupu Maybe you are right , but atleast when i am mining , i need to see the rock that i am mining to know when it is gone, i might click it whitout looking but after that i tend to ajust the camera to see when i need to Hop rocks.
  17. hey @Aropupu i love your scripts! But may i suggest that you add: in the Motherlode that the bot always turns the camera to "see" the rock that it's or will click to mine? because it really looks strange that a player would know where to mine if it doesn't turn the camera in that direction.
  18. i have the same problem when using LG whit osbuddy. it doesn't recognize login in button. And even it I click it, sometimes(not sore if allays another user will have to confirm..) even on the: name: pass: screen it doesn't works just clicks ENTER from time to time... p.s- If I don't pause the client and I start typing any letter on the name/pass the auto starter starts running and types the name (independent of what I have typed ex the name is johny34 and if I typed "j" it starts to work and the end result will be: name:jjohny34 pass:....
  19. Hello Guys, I'm Baal Zebub - The Mighty Lord Of The Flyes I am starting to learn how to code some script, and i have read almost evey tutorial , watched some tutorials about scripting and read some open source code that i have found here. Soo has almost every tutorial for scripting teached me how to make a simple WoodCutter/Planker/Miner and i have undertand all of them i desided to start whit something a little harder than that , a script that just buys from a shop and until now i have made good progress but i am having some problems whit some parts of the API that the tutorials didnt't mentioned and i don't actually understand how to usse them. For exemple i wanted to check if my player whas in the shop ussing RSArea. but i don't understand how to usse it soo i made other condition and worked around that. But really would like if someone could explain to me how to usse a RSArea and check if the Tile of my player is in that Area. (Hope i didn't scare you off whit a noob Question like this) So if anyone that might have some time and patient to help me out a bit until i get the hang of it could PM me or send me a Skype i would be very grateful for the help.
  20. Np man, i am learning how to make scripts and your Open Code and some other tutorials here anre my main guide lines, So any help i can give, i will happily do it
  21. this > http://prntscr.com/clg8iw && 25(or75?) coins in the bank.
  22. Hello i am making a simple script that needs to cross the swingrope to Moss Giant Island north-west of Karamja. The 2 ropes that i have to usse are : ID of 23568 and 23569. The problem whit it is that the Debug appears not in the correct tile. (posting print of that). Causing the script to click on the tile that the client (middle of the water) gives about the swingrope and not the correct one.