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  1. that was before i finished the paint
  2. i believe ent detection is already in there but i have to rewrite it because they updated the api so i wont have to update it anymore and wc level i mean specificly is what matters, higher the wc level the faster you cut!
  3. it does run and it depends what level your character you have i used boots of lightness also
  4. im currently working on a script that does that. i had no idea about that method when i scripted this one
  5. unfortunately i dont have premium rank so im unable to charge people for scripts publicly, but i can make private scripts for people so if you would like something like this please feel free to add my skype @ Mesnare!
  6. robot it was flawless they changed the api and im trying to learn dont come on my thread with an attitude and ignorance
  7. mmk cheese im on it lol
  8. The Script is working fine everyone. To many people are using it on a mass scale so it causes most of the stores to have no karambwans im sorry to say
  9. http://prntscr.com/1n9cx2 there i get an error where i never have before it checks to see if im in the rs area but not .contains gives me an error can someone help me clarify?
  10. http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/1539-cooked-karambwan they arent CRASHING... looks fine but i dont have scripter rank so i cant make it premium im sorry...
  11. there isnt already a flax picker for that location?
  12. add my skype please : Mesnare
  13. hahaha he needs it dude dont hate!