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  1. thank you i got it!!
  2. java is downloaded... i can run rs fine on my osrs client or on the web but i dont know where to run the jar client, where is it in the tribot loader?
  3. I don't have any tribot.jar file or anything. I have FXML files. Don't know how to run tribot.. downloaded and can't open.
  4. Great script I thought but banned at 92 magic... V west superheating bars.... Oh well... Good run.. Thanks.
  5. Be patient it's having trouble detecting items in the bank currently.. Trying to superheat iron bars and its logging out after about 20 minutes every time :/ Fix soon please and thanks! Thanks for the hard work! Much appreciated
  6. I died using this script somehow, and it won't click the wheel to spin anymore..... Help?
  7. Amazing script. Love it. 3 day proggy 12k yews cut almost tysm 92 WC going for 99!
  8. Testing now
  9. Everything good except gets stuck behind wall sometimes. Make move to the tile right in front of the door then start casting, and it would be literally perfect
  10. Nice proggy, scripts not in repository anymore though? Help?
  11. Gonna test the Yews in Catherby, I will report later!
  12. I would kill for this script to have demon butler support. Would pay you for it. Pls.
  13. Doesn't work currently, just keeps right clicking on build chair and doesn't do anything.
  14. It gets stuck every single time it leaves the portal.
  15. Was making Oak planks.