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  1. Starting it without filtering and with LG now, will let you know if it works.
  2. Is worldhopping in the script or Tribot? Deadman worlds have it all screwed up. Tried to select a custom range of worlds not including any deadman worlds to work around this but it just gets stuck on log-in screen for some reason on the first hop-attempt
  3. For some reason at Neitz it withdraws prayer pot, drinks, but won't bank it
  4. Seems to have problems in dwarven mines. 1) If I start the script in Fally East bank the script just stops, doesn't attempt to leave the bank 2) If I start it in the mine the script mines 1 inventory and then stops; doesn't attempt to leave the mine Sorry for the crappy bug report, I don't have the debug/error and just started it up at a different location. Thought it was the client initially.
  5. Another poster mentioned a problem crossing the bridge(s) with rune at neitz. That problem for me has been fixed but I have also been getting stuck directly behind the bank. When my character is stuck and I manually click inside the bank my character does not move, it's a weird problem with the game where you have to click a few squares east/west and then click inside of the bank in order for your character to respond. I'm not sure how the script/client was handling the walking before in order to avoid this but it has happened a few times now in the past 2 days.
  6. How did you all get LG to work? I've never used linux or a VPS before... I downloaded OSBuddy and it says no client found when I try to load LG... got same result trying to load client in FireFox
  7. Thanks - I've decided to go the VPS route anyways as you'll see on your other thread lol
  8. Would it work to use this proxy on FireFox browser and run the game through FireFox with LG? If so would this be complicated to set up? Since I'm guessing if you use the proxy directly in the client it wouldn't have any effect with LG?
  9. I have VIP-E and when I load the client I get [22:30:25] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: No human mouse data checksum found.
  10. Have you added the option to use in-game world changer to the unlimited auth version? I don't see it yet
  11. The one guy is right about the rune miner. I use to get 55+ rune per hour at neitz and now I'm lucky to wake up with anything over 15-20 per hour. Not sure if it's due to the new log-in limit/the script or both. I noticed the script did improve (keep trying to log in until it works) but this hasn't seemed to actually help the profits.
  12. My main has almost the same total level. I botted 80 mage/smith from like 60 WAY back (over a year ago) and then I botted 60-80 Agility. The Agility got me a 2 day ban. Haven't botted since. Just got 99 Slayer and Prayer
  13. This problem probably has nothing to do with the script, but is making Rune mining pretty much impossible. Every 10 minutes or so when the bot tries to hop worlds it says "Too many incorrect log-ins from your IP address, please wait 5 minutes and try again". I have no fucking clue why it's doing this. My account info is correct, it logs me in fine, and it doesn't even say invalid username/password. It's 100% the correct info, and it doesn't even make me wait 5 minutes. I can manually click log in and it works... even with the info that the script typed in. WTF. It doesn't seem like the script recognizes the problem and will just sit there... and this problem has been happening every time I use the script for the past 3 days. Never have seen this happen before then. I tried resetting my router and computer and it did not fix it. And obviously I have restarted Tribot. Any suggestions? From what I can tell at no point in time have I or the script entered incorrect info so I can't figure out why the fuck this keeps happening
  14. What's the point of master/slave? I see none