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  1. I've been trying to but I'm unable to understand it by its basis. I was just looking for a better example or a template of some sort. For some reason I find myself unable to implement EDIT: I'm trying pretty hard to learn and become more and more experienced
  2. Our potatoes are guaranteed more alpha and more aesthetic than any and all of our competititor's
  3. Hi i'm unsure on how to implement ABC2 into my case based script, any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. I hope everyone enjoys it!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! 30k/hr number I got was my best collection rate and potatoes are a pretty volatile item in Runescape. Price was 93gp the day I sold my stash!
  6. Features No Requirements Free-To-Play Potatoes are not effected by Trade Limit Uncommon GoldFarming Method Progress Reports
  7. Glad to see so much activity in this thread. I simply hate seeing magic weight loss pills when losing weight is really simple without any BS.
  8. Did I send you a message?seem to be glitching a little bit
  9. Record is 51 and that was alongside a bulk and chest to ground. I'm willing to bet on that I could do the most if any other members want to post videos as proof and have a little competition
  10. I'll start working on this today! I've been pretty busy lately
  11. u aware?
  12. Updated script
  13. PM'd!
  14. I really appreciate all the responses and the help you guys provided. Learning a bit more everyday!
  15. I test on another account, once that runs out you'll see the nice VIP tag next to my name