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  1. [OPEN SOURCE] Caged Ogres v1 (55k - 75k xp/h)

    This is one of the best free scripts I've ever used! Very smooth. How much would you charge to make this a private script which uses tri's abcl?
  2. Manually starting bots to desired levels

    Not at all. The reason they do this is to automate their Goldfarm. When you have 50+ accounts you best bet those tasks aren't getting done manually.
  3. That's the hard part. I don't think anyone is going to tell you their secrets.
  4. Banned On Zulrah Bot

    Sounds like your IP was flagged from hunter.
  5. Bot Busting Moderate (ban)

    It will either get banned or not. I've watched people who get temps and continue, and most get banned again. If you care about the account don't bot again. And no, it doesn't matter a ban is a ban. Your IP is flagged though for sure.
  6. proxyfish

    Word of wisdom. When you cancel your proxy service make sure you cancel through both paypal and proxyfish or else you'll keep being charged.
  7. proxyfish

    Seems like Proxyfish has been slacking as of late.
  8. Estrogen Blockers Recommedation

    Research. Please please please don't take anyone's advice on a Runescape botting forum and do your due diligence before taking estrogen blockers. This is especially important if you are under 25 years old!
  9. For some reason, when I choose the option "Rock cake flick to 1 hp" it keeps spamming the rock cake at 2hp.
  10. Update today mess with Tribot?

    I was worried about this as well, but so far so good. I'm using NPC scripts though so I can only speak for those.
  11. 2-day ban. what now?

    And he botted for 4 hours! IMO agility and wc are 20-minute bot sessions MAX for mains. Especially if botting is supplementary to your playing.
  12. My client won't start script

    No problem Glad I was able to help. Good luck with your botting.
  13. My client won't start script

    Hmm, have you tried removing tribot from your computer completely? Even the temp data, then reinstalling it?
  14. My client won't start script

    Try activating any free script from the repo. I believe this is the issue.