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  1. ikr this could be an amazing script.
  2. yeah so when it gets random it 90% of the time messes up the bot, and another error is if the character leaves to far it wont come back, fix these 2 problems and will be the new 50k viewed bot , its almost perfect
  3. Okay I will explain it better, I think it only gets stuck when it gets random, it messes up when it gets evil chicken, the 1 for knowledge book, I think every random doesn't work. and sometimes it runs outside or spawns outside like (beside the grass) if u don't got a room there and just cant find its way back. plz fix this bro <3
  5. um guys no? it doesn't work only works when actually at your house. when at bank just takes out ring and sits there, when all other materials right beside them
  6. worked for a bit but still buggy.
  7. I need bandit camp with non tabbed bones to peaches the actual spell cast. Willing to pay!
  8. Hi I am requesting someone make a script for bones to peaches at bandits, non tabs for me. (mage spell) I will pay with RS MONEY for it. 3 bandit stalls, preference is the first stall with closed door though and goes back and forth between two sides of the tent. All it has to do is eat, pick up bones, and then when full load of bones, mage spell to convert. Also probably take off saradomin legs for when its break handling time. PM ME on FORUMS for my skype.
  9. Going for a 80 hour proggie! =D Feedback: Bot doesnt look around enough, antiban of friendslist is annoying should be optional to turn off.
  10. same here, gonna use exloader.
  11. I'm not using the prayer flashing, just grabbed an invy full of sharks.
  12. I may of found the error, I was having it withdraw 26 food, which fully filled my inventory, which was causing the problem. I had it withdraw only 25 this time and it worked, maybe saving space for the extra defender? I'm not too sure.
  13. I log in with my inventory having tokens and a bronze defender, thats all. It says State: To bank, as soon as it hits the second floor. It has everything it needs though :/ Goes from Banking / To:Bank once it hits the second floor, and goes back and deposits everything..