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  1. paivarm

    54 accounts banned

    sure man.... you're right, but I'm not going with JAVA, they all APIs we're doing the scripts here that's why it is important to create a new thing. I'm coding in C this time
  2. paivarm

    54 accounts banned

    yes I'm just can't wait this
  3. paivarm

    54 accounts banned

    Hello guys... I wanna share something with you this community... expeirience! I had 54 accounts banned, accounts that I didn't care about of course, but the fact is: all of them were using BOTs and different IPs with all you can imagine of security. Guys, there is no way to with BOTs against JAGEX. Why? well... just think about with me... not necessary to be tooooooooooooo inteligent to get my point. Look, if anyone can come into BOT communities and download scripts, or buy VIP, Premium, whatever... so, obviously spys and developers from JAGEX can do the same, and this is a F####ING advantage to them, they know how the BOTs, we're using, works! This isn't fair war.. there is no way to fight and win with an enemy that knows your weapons and strategy. I'm going to create my own BOTs from now in my play style. If you're a developer and wanna join this project, contact me here or by Skype: paivarm All the best...