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  1. https://gyazo.com/d860c6da0b889515dfaee6fd1f35f82d You can run unlimited, but you have to have unlimited auths of the scripts too
  2. I was VIP-E but let it run out while i went back to school and started making my own scripts. But I also see your name around alot and trust what you have to say. Ill look more into ban rates and see if its viable.
  3. Alright! Ill edit the original post to say that I will supply the accounts!
  4. Hey guys, Im looking for someone to make me Zulrah bots, what I mean by this is an account which has 80 to 85+ range/hp/def/magic (85+ magic necessary as it is the most important stat) 43+ prayer Regicide, Underground pass, Biohazard, and Plague City required Also, I dont care how they're leveled, botting or by hand, but you will pay for membership, and when the account is complete i will reimburse you, but if the account is banned, your loss I WILL MAKE THE ACCOUNT for you, and you'll just level it Prices are totally negotiable, add me on skype @ aidenesco. Add me if you're interested or have any questions!
  5. I added you on skype a few days ago... still didnt accept my friend request >:( I wanted to get in contact about a custom version of this script. Skype:aidenesco
  6. can the platinum farm ACTAULLY run 50 bots at once? and what OS is it? Would I be able to use client starter?
  7. Just a PSA to everyone who follows this thread and not Taco!!!!!
  8. And not sure if youve already said anything about it, but are you adding a feature to sell everything so we dont have to sell manually? Also a cool feauture would be to change item lists without restarting script so you can see which items are working and which arent, and keep the time going so theres a stable profit/h?
  9. Hey guys, incase you don't know who I am, my name is AidenEsco and I'm a new TRiBot user, and hopefully soon to be scripter. This thread will follow my progress as I work towards a bot farm comprised of 10 bots, with 100M cash stacks, running Tau Grand Exchange. I believe this will be a cool learning experience and I can't wait to see if I can make my plans a reality. Please follow this thread so you will never miss out on an update and can involved in conversation. Thank You! The only thing I need to begin is some ideas for Open-Source scripts I can write to work towards Scripter rank. Please leave ideas down in the comments. Current Goals: [ ] Make 3 well written scripts so that I can get Scripter rank (To sell Premium Scripts) [ ] Make my Premium script and develop a userbase (Wont release script yet, don't want anyone stealing my idea) [ ] Use money earned from selling Premium Script to fund each account with 100M each. [ ] Develop enough passive income to pay for monthly car insurance [ ] Develop enough passive income to pay for a new PC just for botting [ ] Develop enough passive income to buy a car.
  10. mind PMing me the link once you fix it?
  11. The discord link in your sig has expired
  12. Thank you for the response. Ive seen your name abunch around here so I value your opinion. Mind answering a few questions I have on skype? If you could, just click the button in my bio. I'd love to bounce ideas and get advice from you. Thanks, Aiden
  13. Hi guys, new scripter here and its really bugging me how when you go to load a script in TRiBot, "\n" doesn't seperate the description into different lines. It makes the script look sloppy and I would like to change it. How can I organize the description of my script?
  14. Thank you, following this let me get one bot down to around 10% of CPU Usage, which still doesnt seem correct but atleast I can run 5 bots now. Thank you for all your help and for your replies. Good luck botting!
  15. Yes JRE is included in JDK, however JDK involves things not needed for TRiBot so I thought it was the cause of my excess CPU usage. Thank you for the reply.