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  1. I would use aAgility. Ive ran an account for over a month using this. MOG is decent money.
  2. All these .io games are cancer. I started playing Agar.io a few days ago and I would find myself on it for hours...The only thing that stops me in my lag that kicks in at random times. Still fun games from time to time.
  3. My account never got verified, I never got an email. So I canceled registration ( not thinking it would delete my purchases) and remade the account with the same email and password. Is there a way to get my purchases back? Ill try recovering and see what happens.
  4. Anyone? Should I use the "contact us" feature in the bottom left of the site or should I send a PM to admin or a mod?
  5. I 2nd this. I got a gaming pc too but the convenience of a gaming console is too high to play an fps on pc.
  6. My account never got an email to be verified so I thought I could cancel my registration and try again. It deleted my account along with all my purchases. I remade this account and finally got an email to verify it, but I don't see any of my purchases. Is there anyway I can get them back. I can provided the credit that was used to purchase all the scripts.