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  1. Should be able to, I was able to re-create the issue on a few runs earlier today so I had to stop the bot. You also need the varrock medium diary completed.
  2. @Worthy Varrock w/ fairy ring is bugged because of today's update (varrock teleport takes you to GE with medium diary. Update made the tele spot closer to the booth). It runs to Varrock Square (normal tele spot) and then tries to run to the fairy ring. No GIF avaliable.
  3. Worthy updated and uploaded the wrong script by accident by the looks of it
  4. Looks like I bought the script at the wrong time then, unless he doesn't have access to 1750 total.
  5. Could you share your botting pattern? As in the time of day when you bot, for how long and any breaks? Would appreciate any tips, thanks
  6. Recently bought the script myself, I'm 84 magic and 80 ranged; is there a setup you would recommend that feels the most optimal? Secondly, what is your botting pattern like if you don't mind me asking. Trying to steer clear of bans.
  7. Looking to buy this soon; how many kills would I get with 80 ranged / 84 mage? Using trident, ahrims, fury. Unsure of ranged gear to use. Also; are you able to elaborate on ban rates?
  8. Could somebody please help with the formula for a prayer alerter? 'One dose of a prayer potion restores Prayer points rounded down using this simple equation, where x is equal to your Prayer level:' 7+(x/4) How would I incorporate this into a piece of code, do I replace X with a method to grab the prayer level? Cheers.
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