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  1. There are so many people posting here about the script not working. Check your GUI's ppl. My only issue is that I'm constantly hitting the 6-hour log. My games are lasting about 4.5 hours each. Any way you could add a relog after every game option?
  2. Whenever I try to run this script the client freezes. Could you help me out Naton? Already deleted my tribot folders and redownloaded.
  3. Hello, Bot seems great, I'm just having an issue with alching and cannoning. The bot isn't waiting after the alch to return to the magic book and quickly clicks after casting. Doesn't seem very human-like so I decided not to alch. I tried lowering mouse speed and that didn't help. Is it something wrong with my settings?
  4. The script seems very stable, it's just so slow because of the ABC delays. Is this necessary? Making oak larders with demon butler about 90k/hr. Edit: Also, bot seems to misclick chair spot every time.
  5. I feel like this is one of those scripts abc2 anti-ban makes very slow. It waits a long time before removing and building. Would the chances of being banned increase a lot of the timers were faster? It is constructions after all.
  6. I used to use this on dharoks mode and am having trouble setting it up again. I"m trying to choose to pray flick rapid heal, but it's just spamming my rock cake.
  7. The only problem I have with this script is that it runs around a lot. It doesn't find a good spot to camp like a real player would. I find this script works best at east relleka on regular crabs since sand crabs are packed pretty often.
  8. I can do this if you want. Pm me an estimate of how much you want to pay so we possibly discuss a price?
  9. Hey hey hey Tri been running your script and I have some suggestions. Especially for pures, the minimum amount of ammo to pick up should be changed. It would be better if there was a wait to loot when in combat because I'm taking a lot more hits than necessary. Also sometimes the bot will think it needs to trap a Firegiant when it is in the right square. Doesn't happen too often though.
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