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  1. sorry where can i find it? on the forums itself? i went throug the options on youre script
  2. For some reason it says something wrong with inventory once i go to black salamanders. But i use the same inventory as if i did red salamanders u know whats up?
  3. Good scripts bought it serveral times on a high level account ill use the script for like 2-3 hours and its perfect on lower accounts ill do like 5-6 hour sessions with breaks really good script
  4. thats pog if you release yours!
  5. Hey Optimus,

    Thanks for the help, did you send the credits?

    1. Optimus


      Done ^_^ 

  6. 1. Script Author: Optimus 2. Link to Script's Thread: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3321-optimus-pest-control/ 3. Date Purchased: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 18:04:27 +0000 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 10 Credits one month 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): it shoul be somewhere on his thread somewhere that i got problems 6. Issue(s):Script did not work properly had serveral isseus tried to reach him throug his thread but no response. I spoke to flufee about this i dont wanna accuse any problems since iam a active tribot user. never had a problem with a script before from anyone. this is the first time this happpend sorry for my bad spelling please contact me if you need more information f
  7. simongek

    BEG Poh Planks

    Hi there Its been a while that iam looking for a script like this. I wonder is it still up to date?
  8. Is this script still up to date? and what course is the safest i was using a agility script from someone else before and it seems all the courses were decent but once ill went to seers i always got banned i just wonder how thats possible i always get banned on 1 specific spot and what courses u recommend to get 99 agility?
  9. I will buy this script later this week but i got 1 question What you think what would be better to get 99 fishing with Sharks - Just the afk way in the fishing guild since its realy slow and super afk i think less chance to get banned Minnows - i can aswell catch minnows but its super click intensive and i cant run it for over 5 hours straight i think Barbarian fishing - its super fasts but aswell click intensive All i wanna ask is basicly what you think thats the best to do i have no rush i just dont wanna get banned and wanna take less risks i dont need money either just wanna get it to 99 in the savest way with botting but what style u recommend
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