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  1. As the title states i'm wanting to use tribot on a oldschool private server, and want to know if it will work and how if so. Thanks for any help guys =P
  2. This has happened time and time again, and I can't recall one time Trilez did not credit VIP members for the loss time, chill out. Maybe play legit for a change..
  3. Okay so I got it to work by typing that out in cmd, and I can get to it and run it that way, but when i try and create the shortcut it doesnt work and still opens up the client and closes it immediately again, this is where I saved the file to, C:\Users\Fletcher\Downloads\Tribot\org\tribot\loader and this is the only line I have written in the run.bat notepad file java -jar tribot_loader.jar so id really like to figure out what i'm doing wrong so I don't have to go through cmd everytime.
  4. I'll tell you what, socks5proxies has killer proxies and even changed mine over to HTTP to help me, and when one wasn't working they sent me a new one right away. I was also having issues getting mine to work with Pokemon Go to mass farm accounts on that game and they made it really easy for me. A+ In support and service and just all around. I had purchased proxies in the past for OSRS from them and things went smooth, it's nice to see when things don't go smooth they did whatever they could to help me. Will definitely continue to only buy my proxies from them. =D
  5. Hey USA love the script, been using it for about 2 weeks or so now and I have 3 about to be 4 accounts running on it. I only do it for make 2 2-3 hour sessions a day sometimes not even bot that day and it's great money to supply my main. My only concern with it is when it teleport to edgeville some times it will click on the poll box and get stuck there and log out. Now some times it wont do this for the entire 2 hours of running, and then some times it will do it twice in 5 minutes. It's completely random. However when it does if i'm not here watching it, the script will fail to bank three times and then log out and if it happens to be the account which has the house all of the others are using they will then all log out. Just thought i'd mention it and wonder if you have a fix or not. Also I bot this in looking glass on 1 account and 3 accounts without looking glass and the problem happens on both. So it's not one or the other. Anyways thanks in advance! Love all of your scripts.
  6. Any suggesting that a low lvl members account can do to make some easy money? and not draw to much attention that is.
  7. i'm running into the same problem, running 4-5 different account whether it be spinning flax/ fishing/ minning all of them get banned within 24-48 hours and are barely making back what I'm putting in them to get them going..
  8. Is there still no fix for this with looking glass? Everytime It goes to click the mounted glory it walks around to like 4 different rooms and then is just standing away from the mounted Glory. Then when I help it manually use it to get to edgeville it just walks away from the bank..? I have everything set up as suggested in the picture...
  9. Why are you buying accounts? Take the time and make a handful of free Gmail accounts and use those. Since you're buying the accounts the people with the emails could very easily recover the accounts and steal them whenever they please. I just personally think that's a waste of money to buy accounts when it's so easy to make a quick email and register one yourself.
  10. When is #5 coming out where you'll start to teach us how to start writing the code? Best guide i've found so far along with my Introduction to Java for dummies book lol.
  11. because I bought the master one and didn't really like it, and then sigma would mess up some, and spiker is my favorite lol. Just happened that way.
  12. Ok, I completely removed all of my tribot folder/files and that has fixed the issue. Thanks for yalls help guys. Still would like to know what happened. correction, It is working fine on the woodcutter script shown above, but then I opened a 2nd client and started sigma magic high alching and it's doing it again... So i'm really lost here now.
  13. I did start the script with my account logged in, and this is the problem it's not just the script, and it worked fine prior to the update. It does it with Sigma Magic, Sigma Fletching, Master Fletcher, Spiker Fletcher, That's the problem it's doing this with all of them and they all worked prior to the update. I've deleted hooks and restarted all clients, I don't know what to do.
  14. So to start all of my scripts are work 100% fine except, I restarted tribot for the update and they all still work, except the user interface like where it shows Levels gained, EXP per hour, bows fletched, and such instead of it like saying 785(1850 Per hour) it has a bunch of negative numbers like, -23124234234 (-234234) per hour, the script and everything is working fine, except for this issue. I've deleted the hooks file, restarted all of tribot and the scripts multiple times. I'm kinda at a loss here. If this post needs to be moved to a different section feel free to do that. Thanks in advance for any help.
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