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  1. @Tri Please add an important safespot mechanic. Have a toggle by safespot where the player will not return to safespot unless attacked. Right now in almost every location, the monster gets stuck and the player is stuck running in between safespot and attacking the monster that is stuck further away. Looks bot-like and very unefficient. Thanks!
  2. @Aropupu Asking for a specific antiban measure which will likely lower ban rates: In motherland when walking from the deposit cart to the withdrawal cart, it always clicks on the minimap. Can you add it so randomly it will move the camera and click on the cart without the minimap? After testing multiple accounts, when I manually click to withdraw ore after depositing pay dirt (I still let the bot bank and do everything else) the accounts havn't been banned where as the other ones don't last as long. Thanks.
  3. Sorry to dig this up but I followed these instruction but theres no viewable tribot folder for me. I've searched everywhere and only the .jar client can be found. I need to find it to clear the hooks. Thanks Found tribot folder with Mercatres' suggestion
  4. I always get banned from 70-84. You have to switch locations I think once in a while or they always build a profile on your account. Whenever I switch up frommotherload then go back, my accounts last longer.
  5. I've turned off all the antiban stuff I think its the way the bot finds the ore. When mining something like coal where there are more than two ores, it selects the next coal instantly. With powemrining between two ores however, theres a small delay in clicking the regenerated ore.
  6. This would be extremely helpful. Right now when power-mining between two iron the delay really slows the XP. Thanks
  7. Hey Can you add a location for the resource dungeon and have it note the ores? I have an account if you need one to set it up, it should be simple. Thanks
  8. Hey Tri, For safespotting could you add something where it doesn't go to the safespot unless in combat. Often the NPC will be stuck and my character will run back and forth from safespot to area where I can attack the NPC, but the NPC can't move because it is stuck. Thanks
  9. I select world hop for F2P worlds when rocks are stolen and it still tries to login to members worlds.
  10. If you add him on skype (tri.tribot) and let him borrow your account he can fix it right away. I asked him to fix it last night but needs an account to do so and mine is currently locked. You can also try killing druids at another location. Topkeks: This script can kill anything and bank a huge amount of places, look at the description. If you want to test it out yourself try the free trial. The script is up to date as of now and I have made bank and never been banned and I started botting as soon as I created my account.
  11. At the chaos druids, after a full inventory of herbs, it walks back to the gate under edgeville and get stuck there by opening gate and walkign through then turning around opening gate and walking through forever. I've selected the chaos druids edgeville banking location Also if there is a chaos druid behind the gate that is by the skeletons and it is closed it continues trying to kill that druid. Doesn't happen often though.
  12. Drinking in order is human, out of order I believe is more bot like. Have you considered adding pray flick for piety and chilvary? Either way this is the best bot I've ever used after 3 years of botting. Can't wait for the wyverns and guthans support. Really fantastic you are a legend. I'm buying the lifetime.