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  1. I select world hop for F2P worlds when rocks are stolen and it still tries to login to members worlds.
  2. I'm using it right now and have no delays so it must be on your side. Try rebooting client/computer/internet.
  3. If you add him on skype (tri.tribot) and let him borrow your account he can fix it right away. I asked him to fix it last night but needs an account to do so and mine is currently locked. You can also try killing druids at another location. Topkeks: This script can kill anything and bank a huge amount of places, look at the description. If you want to test it out yourself try the free trial. The script is up to date as of now and I have made bank and never been banned and I started botting as soon as I created my account.
  4. At the chaos druids, after a full inventory of herbs, it walks back to the gate under edgeville and get stuck there by opening gate and walkign through then turning around opening gate and walking through forever. I've selected the chaos druids edgeville banking location Also if there is a chaos druid behind the gate that is by the skeletons and it is closed it continues trying to kill that druid. Doesn't happen often though.
  5. Drinking in order is human, out of order I believe is more bot like. Have you considered adding pray flick for piety and chilvary? Either way this is the best bot I've ever used after 3 years of botting. Can't wait for the wyverns and guthans support. Really fantastic you are a legend. I'm buying the lifetime.
  6. I'm botting mining and fishing on many tabs and i do a new tab using combat and with any combat script I use, the script utilizes the location of a different bot and makes it impossible to select monsters to train. I also have this problem with other types of bots like mining and fishing where as soon as I introduce more tabs it gets glitchy. I'm more concerned with these combat ones because I've used 4 different combat scripts and they all fail to detect my correct location and the NPCS around me, rather they detect the NPCS around a mining bot in a different location. I've done this several time sand restarted the client. The only way around it I found was to do combat in one tab or in the first tab before I introduce other tabs. Wondering what I can do to fix this? Thanks
  7. In the north of the Dwarven mine (away from scorpians) when powermining the two rocks that are close to each other, it runs over the the iron rock a ways east, then shuts off the script. My settings are custom and I checked to mine iron. Note: I didn't select/mark the two rocks I wanted to mine. Other than that it looks really efficient, nice update.
  8. Nice script. Does this support karamja and deposit box at port sarim? If not, no biggy Thanks
  9. Awesome Aropupu! Thanks in advance for the coming update! Motherload mine is one of the most useful parts of this script I'm happy to hear you made it even better. On a sidenote to those using the script successfully: How long are you guys running the script for and breaking for?
  10. I love the script, works very well awesome job! It would be awesome if it support the resource area in the wilderness where it would mine ore then use it on giles to note it. I know there are pkers but this would be at the discretion of the user. Just an idea, if you think it is dumb I understand and you can just ignore this idea. Thanks!