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  1. yngnoob

    Rs3 Support coming back?

    ♥♥♥♥ rs3
  2. What is your set up? I'm only getting 94k xp/hour consistently from 87-90 range. @erickho123 It just so happened that I turned ExNMZ on watched it to make sure it ate rock cakes and flick HP restore prayer. And it worked out great. So I left and came back a few hours later. I gained a range level. But I also saw the message "Your blowpipe needs to be charged with Zulrah's scales." flooding my chat box. I stopped the script and left the game immediately lol. Would you consider adding a feature that makes you leave the current NMZ game and log out in the rare case that a toxic blowpipe runs out of scales or darts? The only reason this happened is because I forgot to recharge my blowpipe this time because I was in a hurry to get the script started and leave. It would just be a very nice anti ban fail safe. Could you also add support for dart detection? The in-game message that pops up in the chat for for the darts it says "Your blowpipe contains no darts." Do you think you could make the script leave the NMZ minigame and log out if these messages pop up?
  3. Thank you for your reply. Yes I was using looking glass. I've read that looking glass is still in beta, but I already tried botting without looking glass and I got banned after an hour. I was doing something mundane like cooking at burthorpe too. I've used your script heavily and have felt no repercussions so far so I'm going to continue to use it in tandem with looking glass. Like I said, for me, the bug is a minor issue and the only reason I changed my attack style was because I wasn't supposed to be training defense. Thank you for the awesome script man!
  4. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the script stops working if you change attack styles in the middle of a "game" of NMZ. In my experience, when I changed from defensive range to rapid fire, the script stopped working. Has anyone else run into this issue? [14:58:34] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3 [14:58:34] at org.tribot.api2007.Combat.selectIndex(fk:127) [14:58:34] at scripts.nmz2.combat.oc.b(NMZCombat.java:83) [14:58:34] at scripts.nmz2.ExNightmareZone.run(ExNightmareZone.java:245) [14:58:34] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [14:58:34] Script Ended: ExNightMareZone. I mean besides that minor minor minor issue, the script has been phenomenal for me. Already gained 1 range level and I'm coming up on another. Btw I'm in the high 80's so that's really good if you ask me.
  5. yngnoob

    Goldfarming idea

    Good luck. You will inevitably get banned a lot though and it will be discouraging. The best thing you can do for yourself is to generate script arguments and use the client starter. That will make your life so much easier.
  6. yngnoob

    Goldfarming idea

    I wasn't being sarcastic. I want to succeed and prove all the nay sayers wrong!
  7. yngnoob

    Goldfarming idea

    Get out there and make 8000000000 mining accounts! IGNORE THE NAY SAYERS
  8. For some reason prayer flicking works in the beginning but after about 10 minutes, it doesn't. Edit: Is anyone using the script for range? What is the set up you are using? Edit2: These are my settings and they are working well for Void with Toxic blowpipe. #ExNightMareZone #Fri Jun 03 00:10:47 EDT 2016 shieldID=-1 amountOfGamesToPlay=16 refundAmount=20000 mouseSpeed=96 pickupAmmo=false refundUsers=true defaultGameSellingMode=0 maxDelay=5000 maxScamCount=3 flickerRapidHeal=true useAutoTyper=true leaveMaxPoints=false trainingSpot=4 resetScamCount=false refundMessages=you dont have quest requirements trade for refund, trade me for refund alreadyInGroupMessages=ur already in a group, leave ur group, cant invite u because u are already in one prayersToActivate= messages=Selling NMZ game 20k minDeposit=100000 useSafeSpot=false isBuyingGames=false sellingPrice=20000 gpAmountToPay= enterMoney=Put money in your coffer,you need money in your coffer, please add money to your coffer buyPotions=true mainWeaponIDS=12926 tradingTimeOut=3 trainingMode=1 blacklistRemoval=60 bankList=7510\:1-11730\:8-11734\:19 specialWeaponIDS=-1 typingSpeed=0.85 normalKeywords=Nor,nor,Mal,mal,Normal maxDeposit=300000 normalOrHardMessages= useNormalTyping=true usePowerSurge=false useZapper=false safeSpotTile=NULL sellerUsernames= maxBlackList=2 unlockCoffer=unlock coffer, unlock your coffer, your coffer is locked percentageToSpecial=50 useUltimateForce=false includeUserName=true useRecurrentDamage=false minDelay=4000 gameMode=2 thankMessages=Ty, thanks, have fun training, buy from me again \:D @erickho23 serious question: Is the script programmed to press escape key to get to the inventory?
  9. yngnoob

    Master Fighter AIO by Druid [ABCL 10]

    Dude i've been using this script strictly for training at rock crabs and it's awesome! I cannot speak to the banking becasue my def is so high that I don't need to eat so I just camp crabs for a long time. But as far as resetting the crabs, it does it very well. Thanks for the free script!