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  1. Ah right, I don't think i'm gonna buy gold but thanks anyway, are you still able to make 300k/h with this script providing you have a large cash stack?
  2. Ah right, the only problem is that I get like 35k per hour with it :/ is this normal?
  3. Ah i'm currently only sitting on about 5m haha, any suggestions on how to get the other 15?
  4. Oh wow it's because I had to open the GE manually....
  5. Ok now it's just stuck on Idling and in the client debug window it's just reloading all of the items over and over
  6. Ok, i've loaded 7 items into the list and checked everything and pressed 'start AI', how long typically does it take to load the Item data?
  7. Ok, I just bought a months of subscription and i'll try get it to work now, i'll keep you posted
  8. Ah right, well I'm not sure if I should wait until the start of next month to try it out again with the free trial or to buy it straight away and try and get it to work
  9. Well I tried the free trial and I was just getting idled at the GE for the full hour and half
  10. I would get it as I have 30 credits on my account but I'm not sure how to get it setup correctly so i'm afraid ill buy it and not be able to work it
  11. Ah ok, i'll try it at the start of the next month when I get more free trial time
  12. I tried this with the exact same settings, using flax as well but it still went to the GE and then idled but now i've ran out of the free trial unfortunately so I wasn't able to try it out
  13. Ok well now it loads the items but now it goes into the GE and just idles there, any ideas?