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  1. Mine isnt responding when i push 'start script' only just got vip too, any ideas?
  2. Hey probably abit of noob question but im trying to get back into it and could use some help. Iv downloaded the client, java and pushed 'add' on a few scripts in the repository, but when I push start script on the client nothing happens?
  3. Are they still dropping or have spawns changed? Havent had a phat for a day and a half on 2 accounts after getting 9 in a few days
  4. Is it not working now for anyone else? It was running now it just shuts off right away =/
  5. Yeah i had the same problem, also misses the bank and gets stuck alot. Though it did get me 9 crafting levels after some baby sitting and with a few updates hopfully it will be running flawless.
  6. You beautiful person, was looking for this script the other week with no luck. Thanks =)
  7. Awesome i was hoping for a quick fix, thanks again Texan =)
  8. Are you sure? Was running before it was updated earlier tried all styles and it did the same thing. Any ideas?
  9. After the recent update the bot just stands in the middle and doesnt attack anything?
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