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  1. drazylate

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    This update is much appreciated! Keep up the great work.
  2. drazylate

    Looking for mentor to help me with Java questions

    If you plan on using a method in a class that do not contain said method, you would need to import the class that actually contains the method. This would make sense to do if wish to move a bunch of methods to a utility/helper class, such as a customized clicking method or perhaps some methods to retrieve item prices from the OSBuddy Exchange. Obviously you wouldn't want these methods to take up space in your main class files (or task files, if you use a task/node framework), so it would make sense to move them into another class. For you to be able to use these methods from another class, you just have to make the methods public and import the class. Depending on your class design (and purpose) you would also have to decide whether the method should be called on a instance of the class, or if it's okay that the method belongs to the class type, and if so, the method should be made static. These concepts might be hard to grasp. Do some reading on how classes work in Java, see some YouTube videos and most importantly, try a bunch of stuff out yourself. Ultimately, a lot of programming can only be understood if you actually try it yourself.
  3. Script is severely broken atm. Needs way to much babysitting. When blackjacking (or trying to), the script ... Never stop hovering curtains when it's trying to close them. It just moves the mouse around, presumably waiting for a specific uptext. This stucks the bot. Fix: pause the script and close curtains manually. After eating a Shark, the script decides to run over to the store to un-note more Sharks. But inventory is already full, so it will just run back again. This happens very often. Even when it's not in combat. If you stop the script and try to start it again, it stucks at "Starting Stuck thread", and you'll have to completely shut down tribot and open it again before being able to run the script once again. Gets into combat every 2-3 minutes, even though I have under 20 ping to the osrs server. It's kind of sad, because the script seems to be handling the blackjacking itself pretty nice, it just fucks up the cycle and gets into combat.
  4. drazylate

    LG keeps failing me

    We need way more information than that. How do you expect that we should be able to help you with the information you've provided? What script are you using? And copy+paste the debugger and script log.
  5. drazylate

    Guidence on 1 account botting for main.

    Any chance you have any scripting experience? If so, you could consider coding your own NMZ script. I've not tried any of the combat scripts, I'm afraid. So I can't give you any advice.
  6. drazylate

    Guidence on 1 account botting for main.

    Sounds like you care about not being banned. In that case, I would save up for both VIP-E and a good premium script. Please be aware that not all premium scripts are actually that well coded, and some of them may have script-breaking bugs in them. When choosing a script, choose one that can be customized to either 1) a high degree 2) or to your liking - while also offering ABCL10. That's what I've been doing, and it's been working great.
  7. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    I'm expereincing the same thing, so I just stick with version 102 for the time being.
  8. drazylate

    TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    thanks daddy
  9. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    lol, that sounds weird as fuck. but im glad that its working now.
  10. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    I know how frustrating this can be. So i will try to record a video of how I got it to work with the official client. I will pm it to you asap.
  11. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    When OSRS is running in Internet Explorer, open your task manager and sort by CPU usage. http://i.imgur.com/2tXrieA.png
  12. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    I was specifically asking for the proces named "Java Web Launcher". Please locate that in the task manager and tell me if it's 32 or 64bit.
  13. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    In the task manager, do you have the "Java Web Launcher" process open? If so, 32 bit or 64bit?
  14. drazylate

    Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    If you want to use the official runescape client (and I can understand why), this is the steps you can use to make it work: Install 32Bit java JDK, latest. Unistall any RuneScape clients from your system. Open OSRS in internet Explorer. Run the game. look at the buttom of the browser, accept the java-thingy. When it's loaded, try to open TriBot and see what happens. http://i.imgur.com/kJDqWLp.png