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  1. offsite community I have around 100 FB I just made this service thread in case anyone need. if ya are from other community we can talk in skype to show my fb anyway 15% discount are on most quests too so I hope people notice that and not the date I joined this community
  2. Hello! Welcome to Devry123 07 service! Make sure to use the format for any order you might want! NOTE: If you have Big items that worth a lot Please xfer it to another of your account this is to prevent False reports. if you can't, let me know so we sort out something.Also make sure you private message me for any question you might have. SKYPE: Cerberos19 <==== you can also pm me in this forum of any confirmation too. During 5-8-2016 to 6-15-2016 there will be a 15% discount!. this doesn't apply to everything though! Term of Services - you will only contact "CERBEROS19" for any deal! Please Private message me if you need to confirm [email protected] - You will provide login details "Bank pin too if I need to bank for supplies" - I wont held any responsibility for ban/mute in your account. - You will provide the payment first before I start questing in your account "we can also use a MM for him to hold the $$$" - You will NOT log in your account at all! Do so and service will be cancel without refund. - You will not change account details Do so and service will be cancel without refund. -IF a worker of Mine its doing the job. you can give me your items for me to hold it or to a MM. - After order is complete you will leave a feedback to me or to my worker that did the service - Posting a order below mean that you agree with each TOS. Services I offer are Pest Control/PowerLvl and Quests! [Soon I will be offering more stuffs ] Payment Method Rs3gp 07gp Order Format What services you want? Payment method? Do you agree with the TOS:? YES/NO: Need MM or going first? Worker List Seyfert Avehz Quest prices under here! make sure yo check it out Use CTRL+F to search for quest to find the price Quests List Pest Control For Powerlvl Message me since it all depend on the skill you want me to train. I don't offer Agility/farming/rc/ unless you want to offer 35gp/exp So guys I letting ya know again that my only Skype is "Cerberos19" and ya can check my Skype in my profile. Anyone claiming to be me report it please or contact me via a private message or Skype.
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