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  1. i would love if you can make a simple cat grower...every 20 mints..use fish on kitten...interact with kitten stroke..and repeat every 20 mints thx any way
  2. sadking

    [B] 07 Gold

    this guy scammed me 65 m...he is a filthy rat mothrfkin scammer..dont ever sell gold to him and mods please ban him i have evidence he scammed me for 65m...old school....his ingame name is TT2...never deal with the mofo please ban him
  3. i just bought ur compact magic script and i need help its not working at all i added you on skype there is ttoo many Tri.Tribot so i would appreciate if you add me 

    skype: gamal.hamdy24

    Thanks in advance !!

  4. sometimes when i get d.c it doesnt login back and stuck for ever am i doin somethingwrong ? btw sometimes it work
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