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  1. Was a newbie then, I'm a newbie now. Only difference is I work in my respective field now and I'm not trying to make a quick buck selling gold anymore, lets see where I can get with a month of VIP-E.
  2. if(NPCChat.getOptions.contains(options) { NPCChat.selectOption(option); }
  3. VIP-E doesn't require a proxy to be used, it also does not include one with purchase.
  4. My account gets locked all the time, still not banned after over a month of unlocking
  5. removed to fix reported bugs and rewrite nicely!
  6. Trying to make a bot to get the first few levels of hunter for me, I'm having troubles clicking/checking for the trap change, any help is appreciated. I'm probably missing this cause I'm tired lol
  7. I personally use a couple different proxies and rotate 1 account per time, I don't believe there is a definite answer to this question though
  8. minimize the client then restore it, it happens to me too.
  9. yes it works cause jagex can only ban based on the client being detected!
  10. Right click and choose the open with Java platform option, assuming you're on windows, you don't need to extract it .
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