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  1. madmatt9797

    Purchase removed

    That script was removed from the repo because Bradsta (the scripter) was banned. You bought a life-time auth, which means the lifetime of the script - and that script is dead now.
  2. lmfao, that's hilarious. hahaaha "Jk lol" and then I read that you added that in haha that's great
  3. You can hide it. Click on it without disabling any input
  4. Well that's not good to hear. If you were here for only 4 hours it's likely because you botted somewhere else beforehand. Just bought the script, seems good so far. I notice picking up warrior tokens could use a bit of improvement as sometimes it sits there for a bit with the mouse hovering over the spot trying to find it, and eventually it moves over the tokens and clicks it. Oh, and when you spec, it specs once - pokes, specs again, pokes, and continue doing that. so specs and pokes. Other than that the script is real nice. The XP is beautiful as well What sold me on it was "Handles breaks graciously" Found another bug.. It was in the food room buying food, and the shop ran out so it was waiting there for food to regen in the store. At the end of buying all of the food, the door for the food room was closed while I was inside it - the script kept trying to run to the armor room Status "RUNNING_TO_ARMOR_ROOM" yet the door was closed. It wouldn't open the door.
  5. madmatt9797

    Human Mouse Implementation

    The mouse speed/efficiency is still an issue, and this is not due to the human mouse itself considering I never had this issue 2 weeks ago when I first started using human mouse. the issue just began when you implemented it for everybody This is what I mean. Look how slow it's clicking on the rock cake to eat it. I shouldn't die at the start of the game - it's supposed to get through eating it before everybody spawns, yet since the update it's too slow. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ceau43073wyuqja/2015-01-31_10-13-57.gif?dl=0 That gif is before the fix you released a couple days ago, but the same issue remains.
  6. 70 attstrdef I think24/7 as long as there aren't any bugs Demon because I don't have mtd quests done
  7. Man.. my gooty hole is soaked. 99 str today, time to max Look at the expert camera shot
  8. Well.. I always say if I don't bot it, i'll never get the 99, so if I get banned it's w/e
  9. madmatt9797

    NMZBuyer - Buys you Absorption/Overload potions!

    Nice, this will be helpful while waiting for erick to implement potion buying.
  10. That could be it for sure. I think I recall it having something up right clicked as well, just not doing anything and letting all traps die.
  11. Script is great. You should change the redirection on the SDN to this thread though, because it directs you to the old one.
  12. madmatt9797

    [ABCL10] XPeriments

    Script runs nice for sure. I don't even mind the banking being at varrock, because that means I don't have to walk myself all the way to Canifis to start it, and since i'm near maxed I take no damage. And yes, near maxed besides ranged lol, i need 85 range - let's see if this script can get me it without being banned It tries attacking Experiments that people are already fighting though