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  1. Read the comments before you buy scripts. Why is it on the repository? Because it's money for the admins. as far as I know, qqqchins is still great. best hunter script i've used (For chins ofc)
  2. Yep, it's out of date and has been for a couple months at least. I used it a month ago and it worked like trash - wussup said there's a brand new rewrite soon and a month later there still isn't
  3. madmatt9797

    Purchase removed

    That script was removed from the repo because Bradsta (the scripter) was banned. You bought a life-time auth, which means the lifetime of the script - and that script is dead now.
  4. madmatt9797

    The bans.

    I don't think it's worth it, the bans are insane. I quit RS
  5. They can't. only on the weekends - he might be able to tonight some time depending on what timezone Tribot is in, because I know I got access to it on Friday before when I was free/vip
  6. lmfao, that's hilarious. hahaaha "Jk lol" and then I read that you added that in haha that's great
  7. Well that's not good to hear. If you were here for only 4 hours it's likely because you botted somewhere else beforehand. Just bought the script, seems good so far. I notice picking up warrior tokens could use a bit of improvement as sometimes it sits there for a bit with the mouse hovering over the spot trying to find it, and eventually it moves over the tokens and clicks it. Oh, and when you spec, it specs once - pokes, specs again, pokes, and continue doing that. so specs and pokes. Other than that the script is real nice. The XP is beautiful as well What sold me on it was "Handles breaks graciously" Found another bug.. It was in the food room buying food, and the shop ran out so it was waiting there for food to regen in the store. At the end of buying all of the food, the door for the food room was closed while I was inside it - the script kept trying to run to the armor room Status "RUNNING_TO_ARMOR_ROOM" yet the door was closed. It wouldn't open the door.
  8. Reason: Because Sekirei loved the power Issuing authority: Sekirei - A mod who's now banned from this site Points: 4 Explanation: I think the points should be removed because they're nearly a year old, and it's from a mod who loved the power at the time - and who is now banned from the site. She was banned for a reason of course, and my points shouldn't remain - especially considering she was provoking me, and then gives me 2 points for disrespect of authority. (2 points, 21-Feb-2014) The second one i'm looking to get rid of is an offensive language mark on April 2, 2014. I don't remember exactly what it's for since the posts are removed, but since it was on Assume's staking thread and I was looking for a dispute around that time, I'm going to say I was pissed off because of how broken the script was - and like I said, instead of just removing the posts or giving a warning, he loved to plant down the marks to show his authority.
  9. The mouse speed/efficiency is still an issue, and this is not due to the human mouse itself considering I never had this issue 2 weeks ago when I first started using human mouse. the issue just began when you implemented it for everybody This is what I mean. Look how slow it's clicking on the rock cake to eat it. I shouldn't die at the start of the game - it's supposed to get through eating it before everybody spawns, yet since the update it's too slow. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ceau43073wyuqja/2015-01-31_10-13-57.gif?dl=0 That gif is before the fix you released a couple days ago, but the same issue remains.
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