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  1. Having same issue as godslayerz @erickho123 When i start it, it works fine until the game is finished. It gets potions from barrels etc, inventory is fully ready to start the game. Then it talks to the npc to buy dream, after it buys the dream it just stands there next to the npc and stands there for hours, until i shut down the bot myself. Can you fix this or add some kind of failsafe that after like 10 minutes no exp gain the script ends?
  2. Hi @Aropupu, I enjoy ur script so far, I bought the lifetime version. Currently trying Wilderness course, but i keep getting this error after a while: When i restart the script, it sometimes runes for a longer period before i get this error. Yesterday i restarted tribot and cleaned the cached clients and it then worked without errors. But they started to occur again today. Any idea how i can fix this?
  3. Quick smooth and cheap, bought 14 credits
  4. Transaction went smooth! quick cheap credits.
  5. Strange, been botting on a combat 3 straight from tutorial island for the past weeks. Sometimes 24+ hours and no ban yet
  6. Maybe u got fucked during the update earlier today, if ur restart client on update option was enabled
  7. From my experience, it isn't advised to run a whole botfarm on 1 ip. Most people advise u to buy proxies for each bot, i guess to prevent a possible IP ban or a mass-ban for ur whole botfarm (which will hurt!)
  8. Let's hope so, since this wasnt an announcement made months ago, but a few days ago. They might ban unknown-clients more often now. I'll try it out and hope for the best, as with all scripts Still couldnt get it to work, not even after deleting hooks.dat multiple times and restarting client. Also tried to start it on a non-LG client, but didn't work either. Must be an issue on my side I guess, since it is working for you. Will completely re-install my VPS now and hope it works after that.
  9. Ah, didn't know that. I have been using this script in LG since I bought it, up until now. I am wondering if it Isn't alot more dangerous to use it in non-LG since the "Third party client update" on August 5th?
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