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  1. Is there any hope for me Might have some potential, what do you suggest I should do in the summer vacation. I think I have a nice back (all male people in my family has it) any excersises you guys suggest? Thanks
  2. I've had some issues with the script, please check your inbox. I sended you the error!
  3. Ive pmed you on skype and on forums, could I get the auth code? All info is in the message
  4. The regular Dragon scimitar pure with mithril gloves, zammy book and desert treasure done. Basic.
  5. Searched in the world wide web, couldn't really find what I was looking for. So here is my question. I'm trying to get 43 prayer, but what quests do I have to do before I start burrying dragon bones. I don't want to archieve the barrelchest anchor. I heard Restless Ghost Priest in Peril Ghosts ahoy Mauntains daughter Any others?
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