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  1. no but did have a new ip. He didnt use LG but client isnt detected anyways. With other scripts don't get banned within 8 hours without LG but this one you do.
  2. friend used this on 3 accounts. All got perma banned within 8 hours. With breaks. It needs to be updated to ABC2
  3. Thanks
  4. i had access to it but now it's gone.
  5. I have Vip Extended and I did the 20 red circle mouse data and got confirmation I have received access to the feature for human mouse data but on my bot debug it still says unable to load it. https://gyazo.com/30836aaafda1d67580681f388c60d1b3 Can this please be fixed?
  6. It says java errors with opening the grand exchange
  7. hasnt been working.