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  1. skype koanthonyko
  2. selling u 5 credits pm me
  3. skype: koanthonyko 1m ea
  4. skype± Koanthonyko
  5. I can sell u 5 credits for 5 mill
  6. skype koanthonyko
  7. Can you add kandarin hard support ? Wher u tele to seersbank instead of camelot so its faster xp /h
  8. hey it gets stuck when on first roof , it worked flawlessly before update bro can u check it ?
  9. Edgeville chaos druids maby handy to ad ? With looting bag support
  10. Hey USA forwarded my application @TRiLeZ So @TRiLeZ can you handel the application please?
  11. @usa Please handel my application <3
  12. When done with the task teleprots to vARROck walks to the south gate and gets stuck. Please fix ?
  13. [center][url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/22657-20] When nechreal as task it wont kill the demon . When getting boss task it freezes and wont skip the task. For the rest its fine!
  14. Hey he suddenly teleports to varrock then goes to Nieve bank to rebank when i still have like 10 lobsters ( Hellhound task) Why dousnt it walk just outside the cave ? And sometimes it says character not moved in 5 minits thread will be restarted