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  1. Welcome To Ryko Services Guaranteed 100% Hand Done! We will fill your order as fast as possible and treat you with in the professional manner you deserve. VOID SERVICE Void: Full Void 1 Hat 850 Full Void 2 Hat 1050 Full Void 3 Hat 1250 - Novice - 38k Per Point - Intermediate - 32K Per Point - Veteran - 27K Per Point NMZ Service Ranged/Mage 9-12GP Melee 7-15 Defender Service None to rune 9m None to Dragon 12m Extra Defender 2.5m EA Questing Service please go to Discord for quest prices Skilling Service please go to Discord for skilling prices Accepting OSGP Only Contact us on Discord for questions and information Ryko Services Vouches ToS: 1: You will pay first 2.You cannot login during the ENTIRE duration of the service. 3. We are not responsible for any bans/mutes on the account during service as we hand-train accounts and play with all forms of chat turned off. 4.You MUST change your password BEFORE AND AFTER the service is completed. 5. I am not responsible for ANY loss of wealth on the account so only supply the account with what is required for the service. This is clause is to protect us from false claims 6. Once service has begun, it may not be canceled or ended with request of refund. If you would no longer like the service, i can stop but you WILL NOT be refunded. 7. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the service being terminated without refund. 8. Only Trust anthonynl#6178 Unique ID 335482796648824833 & DarkRvb#8378 Unique ID 335482796648824833 Always ask Sythe PM.
  2. selling u 5 credits pm me
  3. skype: koanthonyko 1m ea
  4. I can sell u 5 credits for 5 mill
  5. skype koanthonyko
  6. Can you add kandarin hard support ? Wher u tele to seersbank instead of camelot so its faster xp /h
  7. hey it gets stuck when on first roof , it worked flawlessly before update bro can u check it ?
  8. skype: koanthonyko
  9. Edgeville chaos druids maby handy to ad ? With looting bag support
  10. Hey USA forwarded my application @TRiLeZ So @TRiLeZ can you handel the application please?
  11. When done with the task teleprots to vARROck walks to the south gate and gets stuck. Please fix ?
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