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  1. Can you add kandarin hard support ? Wher u tele to seersbank instead of camelot so its faster xp /h
  2. Anthonynl

    Ace Camelot Agility - High level agility roof top

    hey it gets stuck when on first roof , it worked flawlessly before update bro can u check it ?
  3. Anthonynl

    [ABCL10] Alpha Chaos Druids - Multiple locations, BETA

    Edgeville chaos druids maby handy to ad ? With looting bag support
  4. When done with the task teleprots to vARROck walks to the south gate and gets stuck. Please fix ?
  5. [center][url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/22657-20] When nechreal as task it wont kill the demon . When getting boss task it freezes and wont skip the task. For the rest its fine!
  6. Hey he suddenly teleports to varrock then goes to Nieve bank to rebank when i still have like 10 lobsters ( Hellhound task) Why dousnt it walk just outside the cave ? And sometimes it says character not moved in 5 minits thread will be restarted
  7. I am babysitting demon task now , When he needs to bank he goes to varrock instead of walking out of the slayer cave (cave near nieve). Or is it an option i messed up again ? PS is ther an option Hop world if ther are 2 or 3 more people at the task? He reruns if character did not move for 5 minits . Very strange on hellhound task with not mutch people
  8. Anthonynl

    iClueSolver by iant06 - Development

    Cant wait for this one to finish!
  9. Its such a promising script ... Please share either the source or fix it cause i want to buy this!
  10. This is sick , Im guessing im gonna try this for real
  11. Anthonynl

    Switch to Java 8

    All working fine for me
  12. I hate it people disrespecting the effort someone is making in a script. PLease leave a good feedback so the he can work on it ? JEzus probally 14 year old UK kids who do that all the time
  13. Canifis Rooftop would be awsome to BTW !
  14. For all who say its not human like , Seers village is very fast and descrete like i said only 1 bug , But human like indeed ! I botted 7 hours str8 for a friend. Not recieve a ban at al. Did baby sit wile pvming though
  15. Hey i used it for 70 Agility , Got some great luck at saradomin afterwards. But i did it for a friend and sometimes at Seers village , the bot accidently clicks the ladder in the bank and gets stuck and logs out. Only problem i could experience with this script "! I hope for a fix