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  1. Selling 5 credits 4m

    skype koanthonyko
  2. Buying 20 credits

    selling u 5 credits pm me
  3. Selling 5 credits OS GP

    skype: koanthonyko 1m ea
  4. Selling 5 credits 4.4 M

    skype± Koanthonyko
  5. [BUYING] 6.50 CREDITS 6,2M OSRS

    I can sell u 5 credits for 5 mill
  6. Selling 5 credit´s 4.7m

    skype koanthonyko
  7. Can you add kandarin hard support ? Wher u tele to seersbank instead of camelot so its faster xp /h
  8. Ace Camelot Agility - High level agility roof top

    hey it gets stuck when on first roof , it worked flawlessly before update bro can u check it ?
  9. [ABCL10] Alpha Chaos Druids - Multiple locations, BETA

    Edgeville chaos druids maby handy to ad ? With looting bag support
  10. Increase Your Credit Transfer Limit

    Hey USA forwarded my application @TRiLeZ So @TRiLeZ can you handel the application please?
  11. Increase Your Credit Transfer Limit

    @usa Please handel my application <3
  12. iClueSolver by iant06 - Development

    Cant wait for this one to finish!
  13. Increase Your Credit Transfer Limit

    I have send you the application , Again i want to apologise that lanquache did not came from me. Someone had acces to my account ! I mean it would be useless for me to put some abusive lanquache on you if i want credit increase right? Thanks for all the info !
  14. Increase Your Credit Transfer Limit

    @YoHoJo If so then shut down the topic , If you say its able to increase your credit transfer then put a little effort in it for the people doing ther best to get it. I am trying to get it for like 3 weeks now and if you speak for trilez , Why dont you help me and messege or contact him for me ? I assume u guys are some closer then a dude from holland begging for credit increase. I baught some credits already a time ago cause i was like okay this could not take longer then a couple of days. @TRiLeZ please respond