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  1. Using the trial. It keeps saying [00:45:54] We had trouble determining all items in bank. It eventually will pull them out but the overall performance is very very slow. Making ranging potions.
  2. Hey, can't find where to report scripts that are broken and haven't been updated. Can anyone link. Thanks
  3. hmmm kk


    Crafting air battle staffs doesn't work either. Just spam clicks the orbs on staffs. Wouldn't buy this script till he does some serious updates.
  4. hmmm kk


    blowing glass does not work. Doesn't click on unpowered orbs.
  5. Hey man. Used this script for full void/ all helms. Now i'm getting points to turn it into elite. My only complaint is how it doesn't click on board boat right away. Would be great for future users if you somehow made the board boat process faster. Once again thanks for the script :D!
  6. Hey man, so what I noticed is every time I start the script, even if I load last session, IT ALWAYS RE-CLICKS DROP JUNK. This means its always dropping random crap in my inv when stunned. Always double check that the option is turned off.
  7. Yes I am using looking glass. But that thread seems to be for people running bot farms. I'm using it on ONE account. I can minimize tribot and keep osbuddy up but it's still laggy. I've also ran other scripts with no issue, including ones in populated areas such as blast furnace.
  8. Any chance of adding dodgy necklace support?
  9. Can I turn paint delay off? I can't even use it in a crowded place because its so laggy
  10. Hey man, should defiantly add an option for ardy knights in bank (multiple ccs that trap them). Also i'm also experiencing realllllly bad lag.
  11. Been using this and your agility script for a few weeks now. Both are amazing <3
  12. I downloaded the trial, but Rouges Den is grayed out. Is it no longer supported or not included in the trial version?
  13. Downloaded the trial version. Trying to fletch broad arrows. Everything is in my inventory but the script ends saying it was out of supplies. Wont even fletch 1. Settings: Itemtype: Arrows Material: Broad Everything else is default. [19:51:08] Script Started: Master Fletcher AIO. [19:51:31] Out of supplies, need to resupply [19:51:31] Is using GE false [19:51:31] Ending script, ran out of supplies [19:51:31] Script Ended: Master Fletcher AIO.