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  1. ive had 99 fletch on around 5 accounts. ant done fletching for a while now tho so im not sure what bans are like atm
  2. Shame adblocker doesn't work when loading TriBot
  3. Congrats to the people who got promoted! I saw that crimson was removed from Moderator earlier today and was saddened to know he had to leave. I wonder what he's going to do with that foxes head now...
  4. I currently have Java 8 only installed, and tribot login loader has that version selected. But still says when it goes to run tribot i do not have java 8. I had to switch to console & development mode to run tribot.
  5. So I'll still have access to it even if I just re-buy VIP again but not VIP extended since I've submitted all my mouse data files to you already correct?