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  1. Could this script be used to create something as complex as a elf city white berry picker?
  2. I'll also go ahead and for warn you running a bot farm is just like running your own business their is a ton of work to do so don't go in it half harted if you want to be sucessful. I go ahead and register myself multiple email account so I can spit out new account quickly as needed
  3. Also make sure after each account is PERM banned to buy yourself new proxie because the ip will be flgged
  4. I'd advise using an individual proxie per bot. also try and not run a each bot more than 4 hours a day with breaks in between each hour and do some quest and skilling on each account to massively decrease your ban rate hopefully each one will ast you between a week to 1 bond per account
  5. Curious if you would be interested in expanding this script to cover the other 3 patches in game. I'd be happy to lend you an account if you need the requirements to do it.
  6. Lmao exactly my thoughts; is he talking about me cause I wish someone had told me I was a billionaire I'd trade in this sandwich for some caviar.
  7. I was curious as to the community believes the LMS minigame being introduced will affect the price of black market gold as it will be one of the largest gold sinks yet introduced into the game by not only allowing players the opportunity to win gold as a huge incentive but also removing large chunks of cash with each game played.
  8. Thank you all for the input definitely going to look into getting a few account level to try a bossing bot out
  9. Hypothetically, could a group of bots be programmed to do a GWD boss such as have each one set to a select role such Tank/DPS and could it also do the kill count for the person?