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  1. @erickho123 Hey man, updated needed please EDIT: MB, please see the admin message
  2. @Tri Hey man, I bought this script to train my mage on my account which was maxed apart from magic. I was alching with the mouse speed set to 70. The script kept on clicking alch, then remaining on the magic screen, does it use hot keys to switch between tabs when alching? Anyway, long story short, it failed to log out when out of runes, along with the glitches with the clicking between tab (including right clicks on every attempt) I got banned after only a day of using this on my maxed account, a bit rattled at the quality of the alching
  3. Jagex dickheads dont realise we're the ones keeping the game afloat! just watched the stream and its genuinely embarrassing to see fully grown men behave in that way. Imagine having such a shit job. Gives us great insights in to how they monitor bots though!
  4. chachacha

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    Thanks man 10/10 support as always!
  5. chachacha

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    cheers, some other bugs! after breaks, it fails to enter the room, it just clicks the door once when it fails to pick up the armour and it disappears, it doesnt recollect it off the lady in the room It doesnt bank when youre fighting the armour and run out of food, died twice because of this EDIT: also doesnt take rune defender to the cave so it cant enter the door
  6. chachacha

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    @Netami hey man . love seeing your new scripts, I always give the, a go! the script seems to ignore the token amount . i chose 1000 tokens and it still ran up with 800 . could you also clarify what is meant by 'amount of food' is this just for the cyclopes room? thanks man
  7. Id pay to see someone do all of those things in 1 second Alching and agility should be fine ;)
  8. Banking issue still isn't fixed. When the bot logs on when alching, the debug still says "ending script as you no [[email protected]] Script ending as you have no alch items" I haven't got banking enabled & it logs out on the login screen without even checking the bank. Its been 2 weeks now man I've been Unable to use this script because of this. It's really putting me off rebuying it