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  1. chachacha

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    @Usa it seems it doesnt take in to account the loot in the looting bag in the proggie, 700k p/h with 99 range otherwise! Edit: 1m p/h
  2. Add the ammy you want to use higher in your bank. Put the un-enchanted amulet in your last tab the 10 minute update came a day too late!, I woke up in the GE for some reason, thought you'd added a restocker until I checked! Dax's WW is really good normally, this is the first time I've seen it fail. I think it would be a waste of your time to add a new one
  3. So for the first part, I mean when the bracelet becomes charged with ether, at the moment it just stored all the ether. If I go for an hour without dying, when I do die I lose 200k worth of ether because the bracelet stores it all. Would it be possible to withdraw x amount of ether from the bracelet? On the shooting bug, it keeps the gear to be worn in the inventory
  4. Hey man. Going at 2m per hour since getting craws. Love you. Could it in charge ether? At the moment I'm having to buy 5m worth of ether for an evening of botting with the craws due to 1 death an hour. Sorry for not filling in the bug report but I can only use mobile atm. After deaths or upon starting the script it does not rewear items, it withdraws them but fails to equip them, meaning you're fighting in nothing but the bow! Another bug is ~50% of the time when a dueling ring is equipt, it still banks at edge to withdraw one then teleports to clan wars
  5. Sorry, maybe my first response was a little harsh, people don't usually take to price increases so well, so apologies, it wasn't a personal attack. I do agree with you 100%. The bot was under-priced, and if anything it's better for me that it's now more expensive. Again, not a personal attack, I like your attitude the bot is new, and it will be almost perfect as long as it's constantly updated. The last thing anything wants is an expensive bot which is treated as a cash cow with only minimal updates Looking forward to buying this again once tribot has been updated
  6. +1. You can't charge almost the same as the zulrah slayer which restocks, wears anything, is basically 100x more complex when this script can't even wear a ring lol. The only benefit over the AIO killer is the better anti pk detection. Other than that, the AIO is better for revs
  7. Well no, you'd lose your glory not the 100k item. Maximum dps > than potentially losing one 100k item every 2 hours which is how often I die now
  8. Yeah Nice. I'm trying to use archers ring. Is this possible?
  9. Yo @godspower33 How do you feel about adding multiple locations such as lower and right?
  10. That's some dam good luck! It's a great script man
  11. I'm doing the lower caves now. It's around 800k an hour but much less deaths so I'm still very happy with the script. With chainmace support I could be getting all the kills