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  1. Hey man, From personal experience, if you bot from new, my accounts will be banned within 10 hours, so it isnt worth buying a bond. However, doing a few quests and playing legit, you can get a week on the green dragons script which is well worth it
  2. Hey @Mute The west sandcrabs is still unfixed, the user is still spam clicking in the water some times for long periods
  3. sure, ill send you a pm now & Ill stay logged off for you
  4. @Mute Hey mute, with the new update the spots have changed. The script is still functional, but as the co0ordinates havent been updated it seems extremely bot like with the amount of running around it now does. Many thanks
  5. dude delete this post your email address is in it
  6. Just a quick message to say thanks for the script. I have just got 80 range on my pure, by using this script alone, so thanks!
  7. Any word on updates before I request a refund? Many thanks
  8. Hi, Just bought this script but it doesnt recognise yew trees
  9. Hi guys, I'm 1 defence, 80 range, 43 Prayer, 70 hitpoints Could you please provide me with a price & time for a firecape, please note it itsn't jad only, but the whole cave. - Looking to have this done today/tomorrow please Many thanks
  10. Hi man, the very first stage. If I manually click through the dialogue it still does all the other things like chop & cook fish
  11. Hi, Tutorial island is no longer workings, it is failing to complete the dialogue
  12. Hey man, some feedback on the script. The script currently fails when trying to bank. Currently after completing an inventory the script clicks to west outside of the pen, and the character just stands idle inside the pen
  13. I only buy vip when I need to run the alkarid warrior killer!