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  1. I've checked. This isnt the case. It allows the first break, but after that it doesn't do any breaks. Probably why were all getting banned so quickly!
  2. So at the moment it just accepts tribots break as soon as it tries to log out? But it does use tribot breaks?
  3. Hi @HeyImJamie Quick question on breaks. Are these built in as I've just come back to an over night run & the debug doesnt show a single break taken? Cheers
  4. @Naton Gz on the release! Is there any reason you choose edge over POH? It seems easier to find POH rather than having anti pk & death walking
  5. @Naton I know it's a long shot, but withings the gui would it be possible to seperate out the items? At the moment, it takes literally hours to create customs lists depending on item value, how much its traded, breaks included in botting. I've had over 50 settings trying to optimise for my accounts at each level before increase a bigger farm. Adding a feature to "mass applying allbsettings to all 'highly traded items'" or "mass apply item weight to all 'high value items'" would help so much Cheers
  6. Your settings are wrong. Dm me for some advice. I'm currently getting 900k p/h with 60m cash stack
  7. @godspower33 I've just watched it run, it seems that it recognises the divine potion as being in combat, adding 10 seconds. Makes sense Edit: sorry to be a pain. Why does it equip the dueling ring at the ge? It can be teleported from inventory. Its quicker and less bot like. Another advanced feature would to only hop when sculled players are wearing certain items which pkers do, rather than sculled rev killers
  8. Hey man, I've added comments above. Thanks for replying so quickly. There is actually a new pretty funny bug. It will zoom in more and more until its directly zoomed in to the character. This means the gp p/h starts off great, then as the script auto zooms in, you can just see the player. it just obviously keeps dying over and over then. Takes about 4 hours to fully zoom in from what I've seen. I've tried all different types of mouse movements, abc, mouse & keys only. The in game block only changes the moving of the camera, not the zoom Thanks man, I'll baby sit & keep zooming out and give you some proggies
  9. @godspower33 theres a bug where it will tele from a pker, once at the ge it will teleport to the rev caves again without banking. If its attacked by a pker again, it will teleport out and repeate this bug until the 10 minutes is up. - big bug Another couple of things which havent been improved in the few months since I've bought this account: When looting it will lower the camera, why? In the rev caves loot drops all the time from people who have missed it, by the time this script has lowered the camera, theres already a looters on the drop Hopping when pkers are around / hopping any time. Why doesn't it default the hop world tab at all time, ready to hop? This is including walking to the caves, this could stop deaths at tele to spot. It also applies in the cave. Sometimes, when not in, or have been in combat, instead of trying to hop it will try in vain to run to level 30, when it could just hop
  10. It's a real shame to see how much the profit has declined in this script due to OSbuddy Still love you though @Naton
  11. "Posted July 11, 2018" okay ill wait another 18 months I suppose! Just kidding, it would be good to know what & how I can actually do with the script I paid for though
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