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  1. There Use to be a program for this, "Divinus loader" I too am interested in this as I currently use OSBot aswell, and they have a program like this where we can save bulk accounts, and scripts and have the accounts auto start up in low resource mode with the selected script, it is great for bot farming.
  2. I wasn't suicide either, I was using proxies, and every 1 hour it breaked for 15 minutes (random of course) I use another bot for now, and 12 accounts lasted 16 hours so far, sameish breaking and using proxies aswell.
  3. Yeah, I tried setting up a mini-farm of 10 bots, i cant even get 1 bot to last past willows before they get banned, even breaking 15 minutes every 1.5 hours, Nor will the seller reply back to sell me the mule add on, I wish I could refund this.
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