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  1. yes i am still getting this problem too. I have let Tri know about this problem and he is aware of this and i think he tried to fix it but it seems to be doing it still. hopefully a fix soon.
  2. Hi Tri first of all i love the script. have been using it for around 2 years now and i recently started playing again. this is the combat script i always come to. one problem i have been noticing is that when i'm killing mobs and the script eats a piece of food it sometimes doesn't click the mob i was attacking originally but it clicks a new mob while i am being attack.
  3. cattobekitten

    General botting client questions

    thank you so much for the replies
  4. cattobekitten

    General botting client questions

    Hi Tribot users i recently started botting again and i need some quick questions answered. 1. how do i remove the red line following the cursor 2. can i hide the bot debug / client debug on the bottom 3. is there a way to play fullscreen or the bigger screen when i'm not botting using the tribot client cheers
  5. hi again tri. just wondering if you can add to the emergency teleport settings. can you put an option for teleport via slayer ring to stronghold slayer cave when slayer task is finished? cheers!
  6. cheers! i managed to google about it too. seems pretty straight forward actually. what is LG?