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  1. cheers for the update Tri! quick question. will you ever consider adding a " teleport when finished slayer task " with a slayer ring to stronghold? would be a very good addition to the script .let me know what you think
  2. for some reason i thought i was cutting gems with this script hahaha. but 100% it is banking the glassblowing pipe. it opens bank, deposits the finished orbs then withdraws molten glass and it forgets to close bank so it clicks the pipe and the molten glass like its going to craft but it actually banks the 2 items then closes bank tab and just sits there. hopefully this makes sense. it doesn't do it all the time does it at random times.
  3. anybody else getting problem with the script? sometimes it banks the chisel or it banks the pipe, closes the bank tab and just sits there.
  4. Hi Tri first of all i love the script. have been using it for around 2 years now and i recently started playing again. this is the combat script i always come to. one problem i have been noticing is that when i'm killing mobs and the script eats a piece of food it sometimes doesn't click the mob i was attacking originally but it clicks a new mob while i am being attack.
  5. Hi Tribot users i recently started botting again and i need some quick questions answered. 1. how do i remove the red line following the cursor 2. can i hide the bot debug / client debug on the bottom 3. is there a way to play fullscreen or the bigger screen when i'm not botting using the tribot client cheers
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