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  1. My script keeps freezing-won't take mouse input for anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. I end up having to restart the script. Usually happens if I don't bank between kills, when entering Zulrah, or when using teleports(specifically slayer ring). Anyone having similar issues? I'm wondering if it could be some client setting that does this, but I've looked through the settings and haven't found anything that sticks out as the cause.
  2. Babysat script for 5 minutes, was fine. come back and was dead. not sure how the bot managed to fuck up between the deposit box and the npc. it's like 10 squares with no aggressive monsters anywhere close..
  3. 48 houred as soon as Jagex came back to the office.. they seem to have this one figured out in it's current state, since I babysat it with breaks, no suicide botting.
  4. Will probably buy after you add fairy ring support and I figure out why so many people are dying with this script.
  5. I don't think so. If you find another. please post it in this thread.
  6. This should be removed from the repository until it's updated. A script should be able to last an hour or two without dying/failing if it's a premium script. This script tries to hop to deadman worlds and stops working. I've also managed to die using this script.. Not sure how that happened. Would definitely babysit.
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