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  1. hey there, excellent script. however, the gear tab in the gui doesnt seem to pick up imbued archers ring. leaving it unequipped after visiting clan wars. unless im doing something wrong... thought you should know. thanks
  2. Hey, I know this is my first post.... Been using this script for a while now.... maybe less than a month? up till now had no problems.... HOWEVER! I turn on bot today after finishing work.... I set the gui with standard settings i've been using with no problems.... ( Hand fishing swordies and tuna at fishing guild first platform, breaking yes, banking yes, reaction times yes.) Once started though, I noticed a couple problems that I hadnt encountered before... script struggled to open door to entrance of fishing guild - ended up running around the perimeter... and once I had manually opened the door for the script and resumed, my character found itself running to and from 1st and 2nd platform repeatedly without even attempting to fish... (didnt care to leave it on to see how long for, or if it did correct itself.....) Just to let you know! In the meantime ill be on the agility robot hype peace @@@@@@@@@@@EDIT please disregard/delete this as somehow, the problem resolved itself 30 mins later.........
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