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  1. Is this the script thats scamming? Im reporting every single bots who scams me.
  2. This isnt a bot, read the open post please. I dont know if its still working or not.
  3. Slayer. You will never make it to 99 with botting.
  4. Misleading title, this has nothing to do with your Antiban idea. It wont happen man, its all about $$$ here.
  5. Why not make VIP Super Master Extended and include some spins or solomon stuff too?
  6. Well It does work for me. Just got 43 prayer with it. Last time I was trying to upload the newest version to the repository, it got declined without a reason, so I dont care anymore.
  7. Good idea, thanks for sharing.
  8. Shatterhand


    How does it get the price of an item which has a different ingame/zybez name?
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