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  1. Even though I'm not a coding expert, I have written a couple thousand lines of code, and I know for a fact it would be very trivial for Jagex to write the code to monitor IP adresses even on the login screen. It would probably take less than a days work for a Jagex employee.
  2. @SocialMercurai In order to load the login screen you need to establish a connection with the Runescape. How do you know what Jagex saves and doesn't save? I'm not trying to be cocky and start a fight on the internet or anything, but ths isn't something we can know unless we have the source code to the Jagex servers
  3. @iFluffee Here is what he is talking about in that thread: This is completely fine but it is not related to the issue I'm talking about because I don't use LG. And if what I described happened with LG the issue would still be exactly the same. If the game applet is loaded with your real IP then Jagex can extremely easily link your account to your real IP even if the proxy starts working 0.5 seconds after the game applet was loaded. (When I say the game applet was loaded I mean the OSRS login screen has appeared) If the proxy feature is not functioning properly then that means EVERY SINGLE account on EVERY bot farm that uses it can easily be linked, and billions upon billions of hardbotted gp could easily be taken away by Jagex. This really could be a MASSIVE security issue, and I really think @TRiLeZ would appreciate it if you gave him a heads-up (assuming you got his skype or something), so he could comment on the issue. Please also take a look at this thread, talking about the same issue
  4. @Montreal I set the proxy up with the proxy editor: And I used Advanced Client Setup: Also I am certain it was not from a script because: 1. I was suprised when it happened, so therefore I double checked what ip the pop-up said, and it was my proxy ip 2. I had not started any scripts before logging in to the bot account
  5. Looked at every topic in Help and guidance with the word "proxy" in it but wasn't able to find anything related to this issue, link? Also if you do it correctly the only way Jagex should be able to link accounts is by mules and trading.
  6. @Montreal Don't completely understand the question, doesn't the game = Runescape? But I logged into the java game with my bot account via tribot (not via the runescape website), and then I got the pop-up, asking if it was okay to connect to my proxy.
  7. The problem is that this popped up after I was logged in, which seems to mean that I logged in with my own IP, not the proxy. In other words Jagex now (seemingly) can connect my own IP to my accounts instead of just seeing the proxy ip. Here's another thread (slightly different) also about the proxy feature not functioning properly.
  8. Yeah it seems like proxies don't work as you would expect with tribot. I made another thread about this (my case was a little different) and it seems like tribot doesn't always make sure it's connected to proxy before connecting to RS. This really is a pretty huge issue and now all my accounts can probably be linked together.
  9. So I open Tribot Click New Client (Advanced) Then make a client with a proxy (think you need vip extended for this) Then I log in to my bot account Then AFTER I have logged in it pops up wether I want to allow connection to the proxy IP. This seems to mean that Tribot did not apply the proxy before connecting to RS, which means Jagex got my real IP. (if it had connected to the proxy it should have asked as soon as client started) If this is true this is a pretty huge security issue, and now most likely all of my accounts can be easily linked. Here is another slightly different thread also about proxy bug Extra info:
  10. Hey man I like this script but when you are in Varrock West trying to make iron knives, it sleeps for way too long. Sometimes it waits for 57 seconds after smithing every bar before it goes to the bank. Also why don't you make this a paid script? I would easily pay a couple bucks a month for a working smithing script. There are no working smithing scripts (even the paid ones) - so no competition. You will be more motivated to update it because you get real money from it. You deserve to make money for it, you're doing all this work so people should help you back.