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  1. Hello again fellow brothers, I am a noob seeking advice for my botting patterns, wondering what I can do differently, what I need to do/start doing. Just any advice is welcomed as long as it benefits me and maybe other members on the forums too that seek information or guidance. So here is my pattern thus far... I would get on about 4-5 PM Central Time and bot for about an hour/hour and a half and then log out and take about an hour or two hour break and continue doing this routine a couple of times until about 11pm or 12 when I would call it good! This is my only pattern and I do it everyday, no VPN or IP scrambler or whatever you'd call it. I use two scripts right now, woodcutting and fighter/attacker. I play on the old runescape servers.... Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Thank you so much, had to read some posts on here on the whole java process, other than that I am on!
  3. New to the bot club, cheers to all! My issue is with just logging into the TRiBot window that pops up when you select to open the client. I have Old school runescape selected because that's the type I am going to bot in, and I bought a woodcutting that I'd like to use and also a VIP 2-day trial. My question is, do I use the forum username and password to sign in or my runescape information?