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  1. So maybe I'm just really dumb but when ever I try to launch Tribot for runescape 3 it always crashed. The console says it happened outside the Java Virtual machine. And in red says Java hotspot TM Client VM warning: Using incremental CMS. Can someone please help?
  2. hmmm ok. I actualy want to sell the gold. I know this sounds weird but it might give some good pocket change. I have an Alien ware which is ok. The best ways i know f2p is zammy wine. it's like 450k an hour. but no matter the server its all filled up. Tribot wont wok for me but if it has good anti ban i bet getting vps would still get me some profit. anyways thanks guys.
  3. So I know this has been made MANY times. But I want an updated one. What's the best way for f2p bots to make money. Also, how many bots should I have? My computer will most likely only be able to have 2 bots, and I have 2 crappy pcs that could probably have one each. And I have an almost broken computer that could also have one. Should I put bots on all of them? Also if I do, wont the electricity bill be over the roof!?! Thanks! -Spudnikers