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  1. glad to know someone still survive wanna try again later after my other account have enough cbt lvl. =)
  2. btw which route that you guys use? because the first time v2 released i use fairy ring route for a few hours and its still safe. but because of some issues with fairy ring route i change my route to charter route for next day and then got banned.
  3. damn so its not only me lol. i tough i make a some mistake or someone report me. ok just wait till someone else come here and tell their experience with v2 too.
  4. want to give a report. this script still have some issues. - sometimes script ended due to 7 minute timeout inactivity at deposit box near sacrificial boat. - if died when use fairy ring as a route it'll stuck at lumby castle after banking - if use fairy ring as a route and "fill empty spot with food" not checked it'll stuck at varrock square clicking randomly around there. btw i'm new and its my first time using premium bot, i already follow the guide at documentation thread.
  5. 1. Have you used proxies before? no2. How long do you bot RS each day? 6 hours3. How many bots do you run? 2