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  1. Hey dax, had an issue with the bot last night. I was training ranged last night, and as I ran out of food the bot just stopped doing anything (was using abcl to eat). I was really tired and just shut my laptop - unluckily, this didn't actually stop the bot from running somehow, so I woke up to a 12 hour timer of the bot sitting there. Probably gonna get banned now :/ (I know it was partially my fault). You might want to add in some protection against staying logged in while out of food. EDIT: Actually it just waited for enough health to regen and then kept fighting, so I guess i sporadically trained all night lol. PRAY4ME
  2. Hi I'm new to tribot, and haven't botted since pre-eoc runescape, so my apologies if this is a dumb question. I'm currently running daxfighter AIO, just testing it out on weak enemies with basic settings. My problem is that the sleep time between killing a target and acquiring a new target is too long. It seems to me that this sleep time is determined by the tribot anti-ban, as there is an option in the bot setup (under a tab labeled abcl v2) to override sleep reaction times (or something along those lines). Selecting override greatly increased target acquisition speed, but i'm guessing would also raise my ban likelihood by alot. Given all this being correct, is there any way to lower the default range for the anti-ban systems sleep time? it's cutting into my xp/hr by a pretty large chunk. Thanks!