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  1. Lastly, after returning to the game after 3 years of not logging on, getting scammed for 10 mill (Nobodies fault but my own), and then hacked losing my remaining 10 mill the following day (Again, nobodies fault but my own), I think I'm done with runescape for another 3 years or so. It is far too time consuming to accomplish much of anything reasonably without botting. But, hey, that is the point of video games, right? I'm just happy that I only paid for one month of membership and one month of VIP bot client. "Jagex... Thy ban hammer is mighty and justly so. Kudos to you." -me
  2. I also did not use looking glass. I dont even know what that is or how to use it.
  3. Last location before getting banned?: Varrock West Bank Skill botted?: Most recently was mining Breaks or no? Yes, see description If so how long?: yes, see description How long did you bot per day?: See description Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Permanent ban, type evidence: Jagex moderator comment: Macroeing in Oldschoool. VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No to all Scripts Used? : Other Bots Used?: How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 27 April, 16. Fresh account/Days acc used?: 2 and a half days old. Description: To explain better I figured I would add a description of what exactly I had done. First off, keep in mind that I babysat the entirity of my time botting. I was never away from my keyboard any longer than I would be on a normal account. I spoke to people ingame while botting and never once failed a random event or even dismissed one. Because of that, I don't believe I was ever reported either. I created an individual looking character with an individual name. Two days ago, I figured I would try my hand at botting for the first time. I created an account, went through tutorial island, and made it to Lumbridge. I paid for one month of VIP client but I only used free scripts. I trained my melee to about 3 each, ranging to 9, and magic to 9 all without botting.The first script I used was an auto fisher and cooker in lumbridge that leveled my fishing and cooking to 20. Next was an auto combat that fought goblins and spiders until all three of my melees were 20 a piece. and then an auto miner that mined copper in lumbridge swamps until my mining reached twenty. all in all, i probably had about 6 hours of botting and 3 hours of legit gameplay the first day. I had breaks between botting with actual gameplay but i never logged off. Day two I used auto questers to complete romeo and juliet, cooks assistant, sheep shearer, and rune mysteries. Before, during, and after these quests I was using auto miner to get my mining from 20 to 45 outside of west varrock. After that I chopped trees and burned logs, without a bot, until both skills were 20 on the trees near west varock mine. All in all, probably 10 hours of botting and 5 hours of actual gameplay. I had breaks between botting with actual gameplay and one actual logged out break of 2-3 hours. I went to bed and checked my account when I got home from college today, roughly 14 hours after log off to find that it had been permanently banned. Furthermore, I am not upset that I lost the account. i am not crying that I don't deserve it. It was nice to see how much could get accomplished without having to do it myself and I would very much like to have that at my disposal but I don't think that will be the case for me. I never had, nor have, any intent on bot farming. I just wanted to grind reasonably without me having to do the grinding. I consider all of the leveling and questing absolutely capable and reasonable to have been done by myself in that alotted amount of time. Especially because I babysat the entire time. Obviously, due to lack of experience with botting, I cannot tell you whether it was duration of botting or the quantity of scripts used, or what that resulted in my ban. I just now was able to get into Tribot to get the name of the scripts. Scripts used: Tri AIO F2P Trainer, Fish and Cook, Auto miner, Just A Prayer, LAN AIOQuest. I DID, however, try multiple other scripts. They either didnt work correctly or I preferred these over them.
  4. Anyone every get the fix for it not selecting an amount of bars to smelt and getting stuck in the infinite loop?