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  1. Great work, thanks for sharing!
  2. Or use mine in the Snippets section
  3. I have made a custom Login API that addresses the problem you're having, you will find it in the snippets section. As I understand it, Login.login checks what screen you are currently on before attempting to login. This means if you are on the banned screen already, it will read the screen first, assume you are only using one account and that the screen was caused by this one account, and it will decide not to try to login because this account is banned so instantly return false. What my RSLogin.login does is first check what screen we are on, if its a banned screen, or any number of other screens you can get that will give the same issue, it will return to the login page and attempt to login again. It will do this 2 times before deciding that this screen is actually for this account and then it will return false if still getting the banned screen because by now it must be this specific account. Lemme know if you have anymore issues.
  4. Thanks for this, its a great opportunity to learn. Been trying to work out how to use threads in my scripts for ages and after a brief look it seems you've used them a lot so I can't wait to see how that works.
  5. That's why the Tribot API methods uses human mouse data to randomise clicking patterns and mouse movements. There's also things like how you open the bank, the way you drop items (horizontal, vertical, random? go back on misclick or continue?), how often your mouse leaves and enters the screen. This data, I imagine, is then coupled with playing activity to create a profile for this specific bot, which can then be used to quickly identify other accounts running the same script. I believe this to be true from my experience running scripts I have written myself; even with low-to non-existent antiban (other than the human mouse movements provided by Tribot) and very long playing hours, if I only run a few accounts I rarely get banned. If I made any of these scripts free for the public my ban rates would increase substantially, because Jagex's software would have more data points to analyse and could more effectively distinguise my bots from real players. The key to not getting banned is not using poorly maintained, free scripts on accounts you value. Those scripts are great for throwaway accounts/farms but don't expect you account to survive when its repeating the same patterns hundreds, if not thousands, of previously banned accounts have done. Oh, and use looking glass lol. I've been banned when playing legit through the tribot client and world hopping as a bot would to test various methods. Should probably be careful with proxy providers too, not dealt with it much myself but I've heard the cheaper ones resell proxies that have already been used to farm and are already flagged by Jagex.
  6. I'm glad to have helped! I've updated the GameUtil class to include those to methods, thank you
  7. I'm happy you think it'll be useful, thanks Fluffee I hadn't even considered fixed/resizable mode, I'll keep it in mind because some of the buttons still need testing. I couldn't get into every situation to see where the buttons where when writing the code, like the locked account screen, I don't have any locked accounts, so I'll update the snippet as/if theres issues
  8. I've put together this RSLogin class which has the method RSLogin.login(user, pass, long sleepOnDisconnect). This is useful for scripts that hop worlds a lot and encounter the too many login attempts screen because the Login.login method will force you to sleep for 8 to 10 minutes (or restart your script) when this happens but now you can specify the sleep duration in sleepOnDisconnect. It may also be useful in different situations, I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think the Login.login method executes as follows: Check login message (probably switch(Login.getLoginMessage)) return false if it equals INVALID, BANNED, etc. otherwise attempt to login Whereas RSLogin.login executes: Check login message (switch(Login.getLoginMessage)) Attempt to login if LOGIN_MESSAGE.ENTER is returned else, click back button, reattempt login return false if it AGAIN equals INVALID, BANNED, etc Which is useful for scripts like mine which hold multiple Account objects during runtime and cycle through them as banned because for me when an account goes to log in, immediately after the previous account was banned, using Login.login would return false since it reads the login message from the previous account. Now, using RSLogin.login, I can safely call login on my next account and it will disregard the BANNED screen, attempt to login again, and only return false if it yet again fails; moving onto the next account. Lemme know if you find this useful, or whether you have any suggestions. RSLogin class GameUtil class InterfaceUtil class
  9. Thanks man. I've just updated the RSWorld class to check for isFull which I'd completely forgotten about, isWorldAccessible now checks if the world is full too.
  10. How often does your mining script hop worlds? jdk 102? I dont know if you already have, but if you look on the issues github link you'll find the debug printout that someone else posted for an ArrayOutOfBoundsException which is the same debug I got and was getting every 30-90 minutes somewhat randomly with a script that hops worlds 4 to 6 times a minute. I think that the issue is either I didn't put the proper checks in place to ensure all 1116 components in the world switcher were loaded before attempting to switch worlds (although surely the method should handle that itself? as mine attempts to) or the Tribot WorldHopper attempts to click a component before all 1116 have properly loaded when hopping worlds quickly. In either case, the above snippet is useful, it allows you to filter the worlds incredibly easy (for those OG botters on the skill total worlds ), and it allows you to call the switchToRandomWorld method which no matter what account you're on, f2p, members, high/low skills, will only hop to an accessible world (so if you're 550 total it'll allow 500skill total and not 750skill total).
  11. Updated: Works again, let me know if you have any issues.
  12. Updated 19/5/2020: No longer needs updating when the number of worlds changes, only needs updating if the PVP worlds change. Using WorldHopper.get().switchToRandom(boolean allowPvp) you will hop to a random 'accessible' world. Accessible automatically filters the worlds based on whether the account has members or the skills required and will automatically remove Deadman and other worlds too. The only thing I can think to add now is a list of previously visitied worlds, and also a hop sequence so instead of hopping randomly it hops efficiently through worlds 1-5, 6-10 etc. This would be useful for farms that use multiple accounts at the same resource and don't want to keep bumping into eachother, you could have it change sequence given too much competition in the current set of worlds. WorldHopper Class RSWorld Class
  13. For anyone else having this problem, there is already an issues report about this posted two weeks ago: WorldHopper issue link and I have made a WorldHopper you can use at WorldHopper snippet
  14. Hey Guys, I hope someone can help me with this ArrayOutOfBoundsException I am having. I the following class WorldHopTask that hops through a range of worlds one by one whilst there are no items to collect on the floor. I have added those printlns in an attempt to find the issue myself. The WorldHopper#getCurrentWorld method works and prints out the correct world so it isn't that. I think the WorldHopper is bugged and is causing the exception. The Client Debug is below. I've looked over this so many times now and I don't think I'm causing the issue, but I hope I am and I hope its a quick fix so if anyone can spot the issue please lemme know
  15. I've heard about a REST API before but wasn't able to find any clear tutorials or snippets. Do you know of any?
  16. How do I use the JDBC JAR file in tribot to connect to a SQL database? I have put it into the dependencies folder but it won't work. After searching for this issue on the forums I've found that I'm not able to use external JARs, but there is a workaround, I just don't understand the workaround and can't find much information about it. Something to do with connecting to a php page and updating that way, but I have no idea where to start with this, can anyone help? A brief tutorial with snippets would be great, as would links to resources that would help.
  17. Thank you for this detailed reply, its late now but tomorrow Im going to give this another read and try to get my head around it. Its awesome you put your time into this for me, thanks man.
  18. Command? Man, I've been trying to open the actual version of tribot from the dependencies folder.. So Im definitely doing it wrong. Can you walk me through what I need to do, Im assuming it cmd?
  19. I'm trying to use the jbmc driver for mysql but when using the loader you can't use external libraries, or so I believe? I read on the forums that it is possible to use external libraries by putting it into the tribot classpath and running tribot without the loader, is this correct? and if so, how do I do it? Right now I can get it to load, but not with the JDK so I can't use looking glass. Any advice guys?
  20. So Im running a private script that I threw together myself, it simply hops worlds buying items from players and has been doing so without issue for 20+ hours, until now. It just stopped and the debug was this: The bits that really stick out to me are: Whats this conversation all about, hows that happened? Whys it trying to add a friend? It looks like someones messing with my bot, trading it and trying to lure it or something and my bots running back, but I cant really tell because I havent seen it. Any ideas?
  21. Yep I was getting that same error on version 6, must be that they are fixing, version 5 is working fine for me though, with looking glass too.
  22. For anyone else stuck with this problem I have a fix, simply don't use the new version. Use the version that ends in 5,. Not sure if its necessary but I also deleted the version that ends in 6 from dependencies and changed the build path of my scripts from 6 back to 5 as well, assuming that is probably important too. Seems to be working so far.
  23. For anyone else stuck with this problem I have a fix, simply don't use the new version. Use the version that ends in 5,. Not sure if its necessary but I also deleted the version that ends in 6 from dependencies and changed the build path of my scripts from 6 back to 5 as well, assuming that is probably important too. Seems to be working so far.
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