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  1. Error Loading Local Script

    It seems there was a problem with my Java, or my .tribot folder. I uninstalled my Java JDK/JRE, deleted .tribot folder, deleted some workspace in eclipse and then redownloaded it all making sure to get Java JDK 8 and now it is all working again.
  2. Error Loading Local Script

    I have no idea why this is happening, do you? package scripts; import org.tribot.api.General; import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; @ScriptManifest(authors = { "a" }, category = "b", name = "c") public class test extends Script { public boolean run = true; @Override public void run() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub while(run) { General.sleep(150); } } } Client Debug: Error Loading Local Script: test! Bot Debug:
  3. Well since this has been released, he used the exact same calculations I used in my staking simulator (for all those people that keep messaging me, this is how it was done; all formulas can be found online). Unless yours uses these formulas to simulate real duels, which can be done 300,000 times in less than 2 seconds, it isn't accurate. I would test your calculators but mines not on this laptop so I can't do it today; but it would be simple enough for you to confirm it; its not like you have any other competition on here.
  4. So does your new calculator take into consideration each players weapon stats to calculate each players accuracy before simulating thousands of duels or is it some sort of formula again?
  5. Great idea, this will be helpful
  6. iMediumSolver by iant06 - BETA

    Could you add the option for the following on paint: Total guard's killed Guads killed per hour Just because it would be interesting for analysis, such as comparing kills per hour with human mouse activated and disactivated.
  7. iMediumSolver by iant06 - BETA

    Oh great, I was thinking it would be highly inefficient
  8. iMediumSolver by iant06 - BETA

    You could do with re-working the walking, it seems to go through the following logic: Read clue Teleport to start location for that clue, irregardless of current location. Whereas it should go like this: Read clue Calculate distance to clue location Decide whether to teleport or walk Example of how this was a problem, got three Relleka clues in a row, teleported to camelot each time to walk back to Relleka.
  9. iMediumSolver by iant06 - BETA

    50 Range is required for Tzhaar_Sword_Shop_Jump, you have to be wearing blue d'hide body.
  10. I must be doing something wrong but here are my problems: Select index, your FAQ says to setup weapon on first page of gui but there is no weapon settings anywhere in the gui. It isn't therefore changing weapon selection. The change monster feature doesn't seem to be working since there is no where to setup a monster in the first place? EDIT: Sorted number 1
  11. My AssumeStaker's Logg

    This will be interesting. I would also stick at 55% like you are, especially since you aren't giving yourself that much room for variance with your 7m max bet. Best of luck to you
  12. Scamming Prevention

    Ok, but maybe you're missing the point a little here, let me rephrase what you said since you're actually agreeing with previous posts whilst seemingly saying this is pointless, or an I wrong here? "The reason Tribot doesn't care about the black-market is because it isn't profitable, so we need to brainstorm suitable ways whereby Tribot makes some profit (motivation) and we in return gain greater security against scamming." The previous suggestions seemed, to me anyway, tailored around giving Tribot money (motivation) so that players are less likely to scam since they have invested already. The obvious question becomes "how much money?", because like someone said if a person donates only $50 and then has the opportunity to scam $5000 - what are they going to do? Obviously I am talking about someone who has the intention to scam in the first place. The problem is, Tribot basically already does all of the suggestions, I mean people do donate and the more "trusted" members seem to always have the highest donations anyway. Then there is feedback, reputation. It basically comes down to this, YOU need to be careful. That's all there is, you trade only with those that have reputations, those that have something to lose if they scam you basically - Take Assume for example, I'm not sure if he sells gold but if he did and he scammed me, he'd be risking being banned from the site, losing future income from script sales etc. for that reason I'd say he is highly trustworthy. Finally, don't give someone the incentive to scam, I mean if I had 2B to sell I most likely wouldn't sell it all to one person, there are plenty of trusted traders, I'd probably split it up into 400m's and sell to 5 different people, if one scams its $400 instead of $2000 and would a highly trusted trader risk it for $400? probably not, but $2000+? One time? Maybe.
  13. I am a horrible human being..

    I wouldn't agree with you, there definitely could be ulterior motives but who knows, it is still better to be constructive than just argue mindlessly since if he is just trolling, it is what he wants anyway.
  14. I am a horrible human being..

    Interesting thread. Guess I'll throw a few new angles out there Use this thread constructively, he has identified a major account vulnerability with VPS services. Is it legit and what can we do about this? Do we know this guy is for real, it all sounds great but how true is it? (No offense but I just don't know who you are, not that I would I guess but someone else can take the time to look into your reputation if it is legit and they are interested enough) This could be a marketing scheme, which is always the first conclusion which comes to my mind. I mean one website has already been named as "possibly his", I am sure that just by having it associated in this thread will have an effect on peoples trust in the website, even if it is wrong. Furthermore, "I have banners on 'x' website", again seems like he is just trying to make people cautious of particular websites. I mean maybe I am way off here, but I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory lol. Also, to those trying to convince him that what he is doing is wrong.. No shit, he knows this and is doing it anyway, I'm just sat here wondering why. I mean of course he has identified that he gets a thrill out of seeing the wrong people get blamed, but seriously if you're going to do it why drop the gold, I personally would never do this just because I value trust, but if I did decide to (again never would lol) I'd at least sell the gold lol.