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  1. Selling 10 Credits / 10, osrs

    Title says it all. 1 credit / 1mil osrs Have been upgraded now so am able to send 10 credits. Please post as i'll be around for another 30 minutes or so.
  2. Tradeing between accounts

    You can rent p/h from Sythe or something like that.
  3. Private RC script

    Always worth trying other people too. They have to start somewhere!!
  4. Tradeing between accounts

    Personally i wouldn't have any affiliation with your main whatsoever.
  5. Selling 5 credits 1m each

    5 credits to sell this month 1m per credit osrs. PM me your rsn & world.
  6. Selling 18 Credits 1.1m 07 gp

    @Usa any update on my upgrade? I'm waiting to sell these credits.
  7. Selling 18 Credits 1.1m 07 gp

    Send me a pm.
  8. Selling 18 Credits 1.1m 07 gp

    Still selling
  9. Selling 18 Credits 1.1m 07 gp

    Doesn't say anything about having to have 100 posts?
  10. Selling 18 Credits 1.1m 07 gp

    No clue if i can or not. If not i still have 18 to sell.
  11. Selling 18 Credits 1.1m 07 gp

    Got 18.53 to sell. 1 credit = 1.1m 07 gp i have a limit of 5 credits per 30 days, have sent all info to @Usa to upgrade my account, Unsure how long that procress takes.
  12. |w| Zulrah Helper [1-3m/hr] - Plugin Tool

    Yeah, but still using the tribot client.
  13. |w| Zulrah Helper [1-3m/hr] - Plugin Tool

    Would you say not having LG Is ok to use this?
  14. I'm probably going to come across really stupid but need to ask lol. What is the checkbox for 'flip items' actually for? I'm using the AI system throughout for my lists and just making small adjustments to see the difference but really not sure on what the checkbook is supposed to do?
  15. Ive tried everything and cant get the signature for this script too wotk?