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  1. ech0x1

    Tradeing between accounts

    You can rent p/h from Sythe or something like that.
  2. ech0x1

    Private RC script

    Always worth trying other people too. They have to start somewhere!!
  3. ech0x1

    Tradeing between accounts

    Personally i wouldn't have any affiliation with your main whatsoever.
  4. Yeah, but still using the tribot client.
  5. Would you say not having LG Is ok to use this?
  6. I'm probably going to come across really stupid but need to ask lol. What is the checkbox for 'flip items' actually for? I'm using the AI system throughout for my lists and just making small adjustments to see the difference but really not sure on what the checkbook is supposed to do?
  7. Ive tried everything and cant get the signature for this script too wotk?
  8. How would i modify the idling time? I think it's pretty obvious logging in and out every 2-3 minutes, collecting + then logging back out.
  9. Purchased this a little over 2 hours ago and has run flawlessy so far. Thanks Mute
  10. ech0x1

    Payment failed: Your card was declined..

    20, but i imagine the amount would make no difference. Sorry i can't help more i had no clcue i could even use paypal.
  11. ech0x1

    Payment failed: Your card was declined..

    About 4 minutes ago.
  12. ech0x1

    Payment failed: Your card was declined..

    Purchased Via Paypal and recieved points instantly. Many thanks all
  13. ech0x1

    Payment failed: Your card was declined..

    I couldn't find anything regarding being able to pay via PayPal. Link please?
  14. ech0x1

    Payment failed: Your card was declined..

    No issue with my card whatsoever according to my bank. I'm really starting to think Stripe isn't the best payment branch to be using.
  15. Tried twice on one visa, and once on another visa and getting Payment failed: Your card was declined.. ?