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  1. Straxer

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Intressting, I look forward to try it out.
  2. Example: GrandExchange.offer("law rune", 270, 1, false); will open the buy interface but won't type the item name. It stopped working for me over a week ago. Does anyone else have the issue?
  3. Some progress logs would be nice, or at least some stats.
  4. Straxer

    Update to Two-Factor Authentication

    Cool, very nice.
  5. WHY FORCE RESTART CLIENT!? But as always, thank you! EDIT: Wow! There is a very noticable difference when stopping scripts. Now it is almost instant. Thank you!!
  6. Straxer

    How to launch TRIBot automatically [$150 BTC reward]

    I've made a C# program/macro which adds a list of accounts using the tribot account manager. EDIT: What do you mean by "Logging in multiple accounts inside one client is no good, each account must have an independent UID (C:\Users\Administrator\random.dat or C:\Users\Administrator\jagex_cl_oldschool_LIVE.dat)"?
  7. Straxer

    TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    Why force a client restart? Now I have to spend so long to set up my 100 bots again when switching script. EDIT: thank you though.
  8. Looks very nice. You should add this thread from the repository. EDIT: Make sure to use the whole uptext for "Use Raw shrimps -> Fire" because if someone is standing on the fire it will use the shrimp on the player. EDIT2: Also, it can get stuck here https://gyazo.com/99f7fe8c4fed714f3b4e9663db7d1947 if the range is not on screen. EDIT3: Sometimes it tries to open the door the the financial advisor while still having the poll booth open. EDIT4: Sometimes it tried to talk to the combat instructor while still inside the rat area.(after successfull kill)
  9. Straxer

    TRiBot Release 9.305_7/8

    Thank you for the fast update!!
  10. Straxer

    EASY-to-spot botting behavior - easy to BAN

    The issue has been reported here two months ago: https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/8
  11. Straxer

    TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    Thank you! Thank you so much!
  12. Straxer

    Detecting Hostile NPCs

    From 2007wiki: "When aggressiveness is based on Combat level, an aggressive monster will attack a player whose combat level is less than or equal to twice the monster's level. If the player's combat level is more than twice the monster's level, it won't attack (i.e. double the monster's combat level plus one)." EDIT: Maybe Player.getRSPlayer().getInteractingCharacter() can help?
  13. Straxer

    Determining if an item's default action is "Use"

    Hover over the item and check the uptext.
  14. Straxer


    I'm glad you got it working!
  15. Straxer


    Maybe you are looking for getInteractingCharacter() which returns an instance of RSNPC, or RSPlayer, or null if not interacting with any other character.