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  1. Why is this under the RS3 category?
  2. I had the same issue. It was getting multiple solutions EVERY SECOND, all invalid apparently, which drained my 2captcha account very quickly. EDIT: I'm also wondering if the accounts are created using the specified proxy in tribot? Also, please let us create all accounts without it having to login to each account.
  3. Since you already have the computers, why not test?
  4. When I use the ingame world hopper I get firewall promt from tribot. Is there any way to accept all connections without having to manually accept each request? I've tried copying and appending the firewall.ini file from one computer(which have accepted most worlds) to another but that seems to not help, maybe because the firewall rules are encrypted? I select the "Always accept" option.
  5. Absolutly! And Game#getItemSelectionState needs a fix ASAP. Though it shoudn't take long to implement a confirmation popup. I guess it could be a toggle setting.
  6. The "X button" too close the client is way to close to the "Re-run Script button". Please add a confirmation("Are you sure you want to exit?" question) if you are trying to close the client to avoid missclicks. Or move the "Re-run Script" button. EDIT: Sorry for putting it in the "Approved" section. Can a mod pelase move the thread?
  7. How can I measure the performance of a script in terms of hardware resources?
  8. The image doesn't seem to load for me.
  9. goldfarm

    No one is going to share their secrets on what works and what does not work. It is all about trail and error. @Pwningcows has written a guide with general tips regarding account safety, which you can find here:
  10. We are still waiting!
  11. What kind of GP/hour can you expect from woodcutting there anyway? The sawmill might be nice though.
  12. Thank you for the release! Feedback: (some?) Zeah tiles will return as "UNWALKABLE".
  13. Any updates?
  14. Oh wow... I made that cannon script ages ago for my friend. I now see it has almost 200 users. I updated it to repair the cannon Here is the link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1877-cannon-clicker/
  15. Please do! I've always used bitcoin to pay for my credits. EDIT: Luckily I still have 8 credits which should hopefully last until you find a solution.