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  1. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Intressting, I look forward to try it out.
  2. Example: GrandExchange.offer("law rune", 270, 1, false); will open the buy interface but won't type the item name. It stopped working for me over a week ago. Does anyone else have the issue?
  3. [ABC2][$9.99] Mute's Pyramid Agility

    Some progress logs would be nice, or at least some stats.
  4. Update to Two-Factor Authentication

    Cool, very nice.
  5. WHY FORCE RESTART CLIENT!? But as always, thank you! EDIT: Wow! There is a very noticable difference when stopping scripts. Now it is almost instant. Thank you!!
  6. How to launch TRIBot automatically [$150 BTC reward]

    I've made a C# program/macro which adds a list of accounts using the tribot account manager. EDIT: What do you mean by "Logging in multiple accounts inside one client is no good, each account must have an independent UID (C:\Users\Administrator\random.dat or C:\Users\Administrator\jagex_cl_oldschool_LIVE.dat)"?
  7. 4k Display Issues?

    I like how it does not scale. Makes it easier to monitor your bot farm in case you have many instances open. https://gyazo.com/871eec4aacfb28770cce31f22aa1f650
  8. TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    Why force a client restart? Now I have to spend so long to set up my 100 bots again when switching script. EDIT: thank you though.
  9. Looks very nice. You should add this thread from the repository. EDIT: Make sure to use the whole uptext for "Use Raw shrimps -> Fire" because if someone is standing on the fire it will use the shrimp on the player. EDIT2: Also, it can get stuck here https://gyazo.com/99f7fe8c4fed714f3b4e9663db7d1947 if the range is not on screen. EDIT3: Sometimes it tries to open the door the the financial advisor while still having the poll booth open. EDIT4: Sometimes it tried to talk to the combat instructor while still inside the rat area.(after successfull kill)
  10. TRiBot Release 9.305_7/8

    Thank you for the fast update!!
  11. Using Proxy to make acccount, Maxthon error

    "Go to Control Panel of Windows and do the followings: Click Java -> Click "Network Settings..." button under General tab -> Select Direct connection radio -> Click OK"
  12. Buying fresh accounts

    You can't buy or sell accounts on Tribot. I guess what you could do is buy "tutorial completion service".
  13. EASY-to-spot botting behavior - easy to BAN

    The issue has been reported here two months ago: https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/8
  14. TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    Thank you! Thank you so much!